Lily the White Mage
Lily the White Mage
Lily is the healer and lone female of the Light Warriors






Pretty powerful in light magic, but very weak in attack power

Love Interests

Luke the Warrior


Being with her friends, helping people, light, practicing her magic and getting better, all good in the world, etc.


Darkness, her friends in danger, disappointing everyone, seeing Luke sad, all evil in the world, etc.

Lily the White Mage is a young mage and the only female member of the Light Warriors, a legendary group of warriors that defend their medieval fantasy world from any evil that graces the land. Despite living in a long-near-forgotten timeline, the Light Warriors sometimes find themselves within the present-day, an environment unfamiliar to them. Lily is the healer of the group who has a big crush on Luke, but gets very timid and shy around him. She is the peacemaker of the group and the one that holds her male comrades together. She is amazing at White and Light Magic, but the worst fighter as well and has little confidence in herself.


Lily was a young mage that was practicing white magic when she discovered the four elemental crystals. As she picked them up and returned them to her village, she was chased by the minions of the corrupted Cornelian knight, Garland, who wanted the crystals for himself. As she found herself surrounded, Lily was rescued by the young squire Luke. It was then that she grew an immense fascination in him. Together, they travelled to the town of Yorksfir, where they met the wise and elderly Red Mage, Paris.

Paris realized that a long-thought-lost prophesy was being fulfilled and that the four elemental crystals were unearthed and needed light returned to them. But in order to do this, four Warriors of Light would need to hold one of each and travel the land to slay all evil. They found a young thief named Gill and were chosen by the four crystals. Lily was chosen to hold the Water Crystal. Lily and her new friends have since wandered the land, to defeat all the evil sent out by Garland and restore light to the crystals.


Lily is the most concerned, timid, and kindest mage in not just the Light Warriors, but in all of her world. She worries about her comrades all too much and gets afraid of failing. Despite her training sessions with her male comrades, Lily still has very low self-esteem and gets really annoyed by Gill's flirty and sneaky demeanor. Lily gets extremely nervous with Luke, mostly when they're alone or extremely close.




  • Lily is based off the White Mage class from the original Final Fantasy game.

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