Biographical Information
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Chad Evarra
Physical Description
SpeciesAssumes Hedgehog
DescriptionScarred, messy black quills in a slight pony tail, yellow eyes, slightly deformed.
AttireRed shirt with white fist on the front, black tranchcoat, black pants with belt, black shoes with metal plates surrounding the toes.
Political Alignment and Abilities
AlignmentAnti-hero, nuetral
RivalsAnyone who hasn't given him a chance
WeaponryPoisonous Sword and Plasma Gun
AbilitiesHant-to-hand combat, sword fight, gun combat
EnemiesDr. Eggman, Scourge The Hedgehog, the government and anyone who wishes to harm or kill him
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

Haunted - Disturbed

Derezzed - Daft Punk

Original CreatorTheRoyalDonkey


After resenting his creator, Dr. Robotnik, 1393-D was stripped and tossed out. With Chad's help, he was "deroboticized" in a hedgehog-like figure, it wasn't a complete transformation though, Eggman's insignia and the headgear did not go away, so he wore clothes to cover the markings, then hoped nobody would mention the headgear and was given the name Legend, since deroboticizing a "complete" robot was semi-successful. While his new friend (Chad) began to train him, he was placed under simulations and strategy fields that were originally created for G.U.N's trainees, Legend was happy to see that Chad was serious about giving him another chance. Legend swore to make things right again, which made him return to an island named Foreluna that he has a robot had destroyed and roboticized the people. Chad "challenged" him to restore the island and it's people back to their original state. Just as everything seemed complete, when the people were about to thank him, they noticed his headgear and it triggers their memory back when Robotnik has sent 1393-D (Legend) to the island to destroy it, the memory alone forced the people of the island to turn against him and make their attempt to destroy him, before Legend destroyed them. Legend was taken, then beaten and thrown into a abandoned home where they set fire to it and he makes his not-so-clean escape. That is when Chad realizes that giving him a mission was really premature and neither one expected this outcome, so Legend's trust in others had been diminished greatly, next time he won't let his guard down when he's around them.

After Chad closed up the previous trainee program, he finally developed a new building and a new program, which Legend was one of the first to join, it was called, S.F.U. (Special Forces Unit), but to him he felt he had no other options as most military bases or anything that has to do with law and "protecting" the people is run by the government, which Chad is protecting Legend from (the government.) He is often seen around the S.F.U. base, trying to assist the people in S.T.F.U. (Special Trainee Forces Utility) though is known to disappear when he has a job or a mission to do. He's usually fed information through Chad when people call and ask for assistance which usually turns out to be a job or a mission, very rarely does anyone come up Legend and ask for help.


Sarcastic to Chad and a few people, stern, seems to take his job/missions seriously, doesn't trust others easily, doesn't attach himself to anyone other than Chad, sticks with his instinct and doesn't linger around, usually kind to his clients and towards other people, unless of course they give him a bad attitude, also has a tendency to over think.


Hand-to-hand fighting, quick to react/think, sword fighting, gun combat, knows some technology, observant and good perception.

He rarely uses his sword, because of the poison laced on it, the effects of it can cause the enemy to die of a heart attack, only if they were cut by it. Even if the enemy was aware of what kind of poison it is and take it easy (make it so that their heart-rate rises to spread the poison faster which usually causes death) or don't strain themselves, they would go through flu-like symptoms followed by burning sensations of their lungs or chest. He is known for using his plasma gun that Chad customized, he tries to mainly use it on robots, but tends to use it on his missions too. If his weapons are not present or have been knocked out of his hand, he will not mind fighting his enemies hand-to-hand, robot or not.


High pitch frequencies messes with his robotic headgear/sensor, it causes him to lose focus depending how harsh the frequency is.

Misc. Information

His shades can be activated as a tracking device or heat sensor to find either victim's or suspects/criminals. He tends to wear them as if they are his regular shades. Chad modified his headgear, he redefined the quote "I hear voices in my head" just so he could keep tabs on Legend.

Unlike the rest of the normal creatures out there, Legend doesn't have a tail, because the deroboticizer didn't complete the transformation, so it never genetically materialized his tail, just like when it didn't remove his headgear.


  • His boss giving him a second chance
  • He enjoys smoking
  • Training
  • Missions
  • His customized weapons
  • Helping others
  • Being sarcastic to his boss a bit
  • Sometimes likes being alone


  • People who look down on him
  • Feeling helpless
  • Being unable to run as fast
  • Being in crowds or around them


Haunted - Disturbed04:38

Haunted - Disturbed

Daft Punk Derezzed FULL SONG !!!! HQ !!!!!!!-004:10

Daft Punk Derezzed FULL SONG !!!! HQ !!!!!!!-0

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