Legacy -Battlers: Stone Revision (Re:Sento No Izo: Ganseki / RE:銭湯ませいぞ:GANSEKI) is a Legacy -Battlers game, whether this game will, like, actually happen or not, IDK, but the sketchup of the plan is still here in case i need it someday.


None as of now.


So far, eight playable characters have been revealed.

  • Nina the Fox
  • Suri the Unyielding
  • Ken the Anubis
  • Honoo the Fox
  • Apallo Junior the Hedgehog
  • James the Blue Jay Update!


Initially unlockable characters, added in another heading bc spoilers and whatnot idfk

  • JT the Androhog
  • MM-1998
  • Croak the Hedgehog

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