Legacy -BATTLERS 2 is the sequel to the 2011 game Legacy -BATTLERS, the game hosts a variety of new characters and is being produced by G4E Games, the game is set for a release date of Summer 2013.


The game is set two years after the first Legacy -BATTLERS game, the plot starts when young schoolboy James the Blue Jay discovers the story of the legacy stone. The original tournament being very isolated from public, this information was not known about by many. The aura of the stone becomes very apparent around the city and is very newsworthy to others, close friend of James, Joseph, finds out about it shortly after, during a day of searching for more information, he runs into young canyon-born tribal girl Makoto.

Along with these, the information has reached other sectors of the world, including a US detective agency, in which young detective boss Bass wants to investigate the storm, his friend, Dwayne, catches a small wind of the situation. Bass and Dwayne's friendship is passed on through their fathers both being renowned detectives.

Being crime inforcement involved, there's also crime involved, this is where Team Hooligan II come into play, Flint the Weasel, a young man and gunslinger, decides to find out what the blue aurora really is and if he can use it for money related purposes, his collegue, Bane, comes as a plus one to ensure him that his plan doesn't flaw. Crime extraordinare, Razor, is also in the flow, to not only take whatever is over that mountain for himself, but to also claim himself a beautiful woman who also searches for the stone.

With the hype flowing, a tournament is started and invitations are sent out, signed by a person named '虚'.

JT decides to show up uninvited. To stir things up and to defeat 虚 just for the sake of it. His two enemies have now manifested themselves into new forms, Titan and Seid respectively.

Just who is 虚? Where is all this new information arising from? Can this new threat be stopped?


Playable Characters

James the Blue Jay

Joseph the Wolf

Brittney the Bat

Makoto the Dog

Flint the Weasel

Bane the Dynamite



Bass the Crocodile

Titan the Chameleon

Razor the Shark

Hero the Echinda (?)

Sub-Boss Characters

Falco the Eagle (?)

JT the Androhog

Gavers the Hedgehog

Hanzo the Dog

Benedict the Grizzly Bear

Lizzie the Chameleon

Berserker the Oni

Haku the Angel

Dwayne the Catmeleon

Seid the Echidna

Leonard the Chameleon

Daisuke the Echidna

Accident Battle Hidden Characters

Abercrombie the Horse

Jester the Hedgehog

Archangel James

Yiao Joseph

Eric the Polar Cat

Boss Characters

Selwyn the Oni

Cassandra the Unknown

Sonic the EXE (Special Boss)

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