Layer the Cat
Layer the Cat
Layer is a sexually-addicted Maverick, who sometimes helps X and Zero when needed






Incredible athleticism, great navigational skills, amazing at wielding Chaosblades


Pallette the Cat (sister, deceased)


Hot boys, strong Reploids, helping "useful and worthy" ones, assisting X and Zero, a good swordfight, kinkyness, etc.


Wimps, useless ones, boring people, being told off, Mavericks, Red Alert, etc.

Voice Actor

Meredith Taylor-Parry

Layer the Cat is a provocative female Maverick that is known for her incredible skills in Chaosblade wielding, navigating, and seduction. She is known to have done many male Reploids and is perhaps hated mostly for this. She does, however, help the Maverick Hunters X and Zero in times of absolute need, thus making her not as Maverick as thought.


Layer enlisted with teh Maverick Hunters as a Navigator, along with her little sister Pallette. Layer received great success and praise for her spectacular navigating abilities, seductive voice, and great looks. She even gained a rivalry with fellow navigator, Nana, who was insulted and unimpressed by her "skankilous nature". Pallette, however, was quickly departed for her lack of help and constant skipping jobs.

Layer didn't hear of Pallette for quite some time. During the off-breaks, she was constantly showing her "wild side" and getting more intimate with her fellow hunters, especially who was to be her "boyfriend", Zero the Hedgehog, who was one of the latest recruits at the time. After a few months of service, however, Layer was forced to take some days off after hearing that her sister was killed and that Red Alert had mostly to do with it (although Nana treated it as an excuse for her to have a sex vacation).

During the wake, Layer was in complete tears, but went nowhere near Pallette's casket, nor any member of Red Alert. She was eventually "soothed off" by a fellow guest in Dynamo. Zero eventually caught them in the act and went on a small rampage. Disgusted by her actions, the Maverick Hunters quickly discharged her.

Layer now acts as her own fighter, wielding a Chaosblade that is mostly similar to Zero's, and helping a few Mavericks like Dynamo. Layer has, however, been seen helping a few of the Maverick Hunters despite being labelled as a Maverick herself. In fact, she was one of the main reasons why X was able to defeat the now-Maverick commander Sigma. However, Layer still plots to avenge Pallette's death and kill the now-Hunter Axl.


Layer is extremely known for her provocative and sexual demeanor, which is often used as a weapon in battle, as a way to seduce her enemies. Other than that, Layer is a very cool and collected person, able to keep a levelled-head in the heat of things. The only times she has seen losing it is when she is surrounded by Axl or Red Alert is when her emotions get the better of her.



Guys She's Done


  • Layer is based off the character of the same name from Mega Man X8. Unlike this Layer, however, the original was actually more timid and serious, and had a more faithful romance with Zero.
  • Layer has been classified as Maverick since being shunned from the Maverick Hunters. However, she has only helped a very small number of Mavericks and has actually given more unsuspecting help to X and Zero. This means she is more neutral, but she still continues her sex-streak, which is mostly why she is still considered a Maverick.
  • Layer is the first female character to wield a Chaosblade.
  • Although technically being owned and made by Zeke, Layer is controlled by Gurahk during her appearances. This rule also goes to her sister, Pallette.
  • Despite being a cat, Layer's original profile picture lacks an appropriate tail. This mistake also goes for her sister, Pallette. This issue was later fixed.

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