Kraken Dolphina
Kraken Dolphina
Kraken Dolphina is a sexy and electrifying Maverick.




Dolphin-based Reploid

Bust Size


Love Interests



Hot boys, having a little fun, shocking others, relaxing spas, electric and water currents.


Boredom, buzzkills, being called a rip-off, perverts, getting groped without permission.

Kraken Dolphina is a sexy and powerful Maverick that serves in the Maverick Army as a member of the Aquatic Pultry Unit. Though she is quite a somewhat flirt, she has a good heart, but is unable to show her true side as she was still a victim of the Maverick Virus.


Kraken Dolphina onced worked at a water park as a kids swimming teacher and instructor, and was well loved in her own work. However, during the Maverick Wars, she became infected with the Maverick Virus and became a dangerous threat to everyone around her. Disgusted, she upgraded ehrself with electric/water elemental tentacles and powers, and joined Sigma's Reploid Rebellion to take down all those that took her for granted and were disgusted with her.


Kraken Dolphina is a rather sneaky and mostly seductive Maverick. She knows how to coo others into her grasp and takes pride in herself as a Maverick that does others in. As a former kids teacher, she is rather patient with younger Reploids, especially Double and Volt Catfish. Dolphina has a nice heart inside, but with her mostly infected with the virus, she has troubles letting it out.

Abilities & Skills

Kraken Dolphina's signature weapon is the Volt Geiser. A combination iof electric and water energy, she unleashes a horizontal vortex at her enemies but can also unleash vertical ones as well. She also has four retractable tentacles, similar to Launch Octopus and Squid Adler, which channels most of her energy, and she can unleash powerful water and electric attacks, such as electric beams and bolts, water pulses, and even even water and electric based currents. Her favorite tactic with her tentacles is wrapping them around her victims and shocking them while they're trapped, at high voltage. Dolphina is extremely weak to metal based weapons and abilities.




  • Kraken Dolphina bares great similarities with Squid Adler, especially with her design.
  • Despite mostly being electric-elemented, in terms of power, Kraken Dolphina is more powerful and better suited in underwater environments.

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