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You are reading Kotana the Cat (2.0), an article which regards Chillverse 2.0 and Chillverse 2.0 ONLY. The article is by Apallo the Hedgehog and will be used in the rebooted timeline.

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Sushit the Phish

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Kotana the Cat (2.0) is currently being written by ApalloTH. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Kotana the Cat (2.0)

Biographical Information
  • 18

Voltio Tyon (Husband)

Storm the Cat (Son)

Naomi the Cat (Sister)

Ivory the Cat (Niece)

Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Cat
Gender Female
  • Black Fur
  • White Muzzle
  • Peach Skin
  • Brest Size: G
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Hair: Green with Blue Bangs
  • Body Type: Average/Athletic
Attire Look At gallery
Political Alignment and Abilities
Abilities Pending...
Other Information
American V.A. Cristina Vee
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances None so far
Original Creator Apallo The Hedgehog

Appearance/Looks and Outfits

Background Story

Kotana was one of the two princesses of Summerland. Her part of the family is on the same side as Iona and Clyera's royal clan. A Kingdom in the Majang Continent. Her part of the family is on the same side as Iona and Clyera's royal clan. Once being the age of an adult (18) she escaped from her duties and became a traveling belly dancer. After earning enough money to go to Kōutei, she brought an expensive apartment with some of her power jewels, the gems that allow her to use different abalities depending on color and type. She was then a local stage preformer, always using her abilities on the stage for her belly dancing act. One day she ment Voltio in a local show and since then, the two of them have been together, and even started a family.



  • Sonic and His Friends



Loved Ones

Voltio Tyon (Husband)

Storm the Cat (Son)

Naomi the Cat (Sister)

Ivory the Cat (Niece)


  • Tuna Salad
  • Sweets
  • Tea
  • Belly Dancing
  • Her Family




Shantae Half Genie Hero - Dance Through the Danger03:39

Shantae Half Genie Hero - Dance Through the Danger


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