KloIzzy is a love-hate relationship of Klonoa the Hedgehog and Lizzy the Hedgehog.


Since Klonoa and Lizzy met, they dislike each other, but became great friends and friendly rivals. But whenever Klonoa dates a girl, Lizzy gets jealous. They eventually kissed by accident. Klonoa actually admit his feelings to her which is kinda embarassing.

Appearance For

Sonic Adventure 2 (Fanon)

Sonic the Hedgehog 06 (Fanon)

Sonic X (Fanon)

Sonic X: New Adventure

Lizzy and Jur Unleashed




Theme Song for KloIzzy

Miley Cyrus-7 things with lyrics!03:23

Miley Cyrus-7 things with lyrics!

KloIzzy's Theme Song

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