Kisarah the Hedgecat
Kisarah the Hedgecat
Kisarah is a popular high school idol whose family came from England
Vital statistics
Title Ms.
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Hedgecat
Fur/Feathers/scales Orange-Red
Attire Schoolgirl outfit
Romantic Interests Joe Kusanagi
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First Appearance ----
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Kisarah is a popular high school girl, she is based on Kisarah Westfield from Agressors of Dark Kombat. Mobian version was created by Sonicstar3000


Kisarah is a popular high school idol whose family came from England. She hounds Joe Kusanagi ever since he made a childhood promise to make her his girlfriend. She tries everything she can to make him notice her.


She is the class madonna, admired by girls and boys alike for her whimsical charms. Although she has been living in Station Square for awhile, she still isn't used to the local slang and often takes off-hand comments very literally.




She fights at a close range with elbow attacks and high angled kicks; her attack range is made slightly longer her school bag. Her flying kicks resemble the ones found in cheer leading routines. Her quirky desperation move, "Jealousy Bomber", has her shoot a heart-shaped projectile to her opponent. If it hits, she'll kiss Joe (who magically appears behind her), making her opponents heartbroken and explode (Well, an explosion, not literally blow up) with envy.


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