Kirby of the Stars is a song by BlurayOriginals for Kirby's 20th anniversary. It follows the tune of Hyper Kirby's theme.


Kirby of the Stars

beat back villains from from the near and far

Ice, Freeze, Burning, Fire

he can spar!!

Kirby's been in many messes

split into ten wwith an RPG quest as:

Beam, Mirror, Cutter, Sword

it's Popstar he fights for!

DeDeDe & Escargoon

the Dark Matter & 0 ²

Necrodeus, the Skull Gang

Nightmare was a pain!

The Squeak Squad and Noddy

Meta Knight and the Waddle Dees

Marx, Magalor, Galacta Knight

Water Galboros bites!

He fights key-hungry Scarfies

Cuter than the Legendary Starfy

Fighter, Smash, Mike, Crash

can anybody match!!

Eat curry to get a tan

abosrbin' powers like Mega Man

Wing, Cupid, Plasma, Spark

beat Adelaine's art!!

He got that jumbo candy,

even defeated Chilly

Ball, balloon, Spear, Marth

uses Counter to guard!

So we're near the end of the song!

Pick up the Wiimote, turn the TV on!

Metal, Stone, Suplex, Throw

boost with wheel! GO!

(Instrumental break. One round)

So many different abilities in the being known as "Kirby"

We ask him "You know what's true?"

"Poyo?" "NO!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!"

whether your helping out Dyna Blade

getting Crystal Shards while you skate

tilt n' tumble in a Canvus Curse

or fix things (for the worse)

race & the Warp Star

join the Smash Bros.! Even Spar.

the awesome world we live in

and you know what we'll chant when he wins:

Everybody's dancing now!

Everybody prance about!

We all have a chance no doubt!

for Kirby's victory stance


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