Match 1: Auda the Hedgehog vs. Honoo the Pyrofox (7.4.14)

Auda the Hedgehog


Auda the Hedgehog

3 to 2

Honoo Redesign
Round 2 begins now! Let's kick it off!

Auda the Hedgehog is a calm and collected young teenage boy who possesses psychic abilities and adventures around with his brother Chase, who is a fennec fox, they seem to be looking for something but no one knows what. Auda is a light blue hedgehog with unique spines which always point directly up. He wears a dark coat with has fur around the back going down where a zipper would usually end up being. He has golden yellow eyes.

Honoo the Pyrofox is a 14 year old Magic wielding fox who specializes in illusion magic. born into a highly respected and wealthy family. For the first 6 years of his life he lived only in his home but at the age of 8 he escaped outside and found that the people of Euris were left to rot and nothing was done. When Honoo came home and confronting his father about this. His brother and mother agreed, angering his father (Cuifel) to the point of murdering his brother (Stryke) and mother (Roz) and nearly murdering Honoo. He escaped, Barely and with incredible luck enrolled himself in an academy for the gifted, upon leaving he traveled to where the main story takes place, to 'Find his fortunes'

Votes for Auda

  1. Auda because tbh, Honoo still feels like a smart ass to me. - Apallo
  2. Auda because I've seen more of him. ~ Legion
  3. narcissism calls ~ Boom
  4. Seems better ~Holly

Votes for Honoo

  1. I'm really modest. ~ Tyflo.
  2. I know Honoo just a bit more and therefore I'm more accustomed to him as a character. ~3K


  1. Gonna hold out for now ~ Blu
  2. I dont know who to vote for atm ~ Apallo

Match 2: Tynic the Hedgehog vs. Yugi Gramarye (7.11.14)



0 to 5

Round 2 begins now! Let's kick it off!

Yugi Gramarye isn't anything special, he's a 16 year old who just happens to be caught up in adventures often. At least, on the surface, that is. He seems to have the potential within him to become an extra-powerful being, as shown when he unleashes his 'Yokai' form. Other than this however, Yugi seems to be a little lazy, most of the time is spent sleeping or adventuring, and he seems to not care much for school. In fact, he lives a relatively normal live with his grandfather, other than the whole 'adventuring' thing.

Votes for Tynic

Votes for Yugi

  1. Sorry Tynic is garbo in comparison. ~ Blu
  2. Sorry Tynic but you kinda need to be in Chill RPs more and even then know how we RP - Apallo
  3. packing my own big schlong together again ~ Legion
  4. yugi af ~ Boom
  5. I loved Yugi in the Beasts Within or whatever it was called arc. ~3K


  1. I hardly know either character, So I'll vote for neither. ~Tyflo.

Match 3: Jayceson Avis vs. Chase the Fennec Fox (7.11.14)

Jayceson the Hummingbird


Chase the Fennec Fox

2 to 4

Chase the Fennec Fox
Jayceson Avis is a 21 year old humming bird who is calm and soothing to be around with a serene demeanor, He's an aspiring actor but isn't against getting his hands dirty when he needs to, he's lived a rather normal life with very few notable experiences, he claims that he's boring but is always ready for adventure, he's skilled with knifes and healing magic.

Chase being the younger brother who despite knowing about their mission tends to fool around and does not know nearly as much as his older brother Auda. Chase tends to get lost in his own little world most of the time and despite his short height (3'0") certainly packs a punch and he is definitely not one to underestimate. Chase controls earth and light.

Votes for Jayce

  1. I'm horrifically modest, Also Jayce does have a picture. ~Tyflo.
  2. I really like how Jayce looks and he's genuinely an interesting character to me, not that Chase isn't interesting of course. ~3K.

Votes for Chase

  1. Chase always had this sort've of charm with me. I barely even know Jayce. HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A PICTURE *HINT HINT* ~ Blu
  2. I dont know Jayce that much but I know that I like Chase a bitmore ~ Apallo
  3. same reason as auda i know him more ~ Legion
  4. narcissism calls ~ Boom


Match 4: Suri the Unyielding vs. Frigus the Fox (7.11.14)

Suri the Unyielding kotc


Suri the Unyielding kotc

3 to 1

Frigus the Fox
Round 2 begins now! Let's kick it off!

Suri the Unyielding is a teenage girl with a severe case of amnesia, not even remembering her own name. Suri is brash and rather bratty, she loves the oppurtunity to fight and takes nearly every oppurtunity to fight, but this can sometimes lead to her dismay as her brash attitude can put her in tough spots. She is relatively wrapped in mystery.

Frigus is a young fox who specializes in ice magic. She's not a ninja but does however expertise in skills used by a ninja such as silent movement, speed and quick kills, which she usually doesn't use because when she does fight which rarely happens, she enjoys using her ice magic to get herself though it. Frigus was raised by ninjas which explains how she knows those abilities. Although she has her flashy and not-so flashy moves, she is an extremely awkward and short tempered girl. Despite this superficial attitude, she is a clever, kind, and genuinely caring person. She eventually inherited a stubbornness for not giving up even if the odds were not in her favor.

Votes for Suri

  1. I just know Suri a bit better. ~Tyflo.
  2. Suri, especially because of the pending rivalry between her and D'Mask. ~ Legion
  3. i kinda prefer suri ~ Boom

Votes for Frigus

  1. Frigus looks cool, and the whole element of ice thing got me. She has a longer story for her and well she looks more developed. Sorry James no hard feelings ~ Apallo


  1. Gonna hold out. I don't know much about either competitor but they both hold my interest. ~ Blu
  2. tbh im not sure on who to vote for. I'll hold off ~ Apallo
  3. My character is in this so I'm just going to keep my vote out of it entirely. ~3K

Match 5: Aahil the Flying Squirrel vs. Apallo Junior the Hedgehog (7.18.14)

A hill

Apallo Jr.

Apallo Jr

0 to 3

Apallo Jr
A battle of the (demi-)Gods!

Aahil's a kindhearted demigod thingy and his brother Jacob is an asshole. He also specializes in elemental powers such as wind and electricity

Apallo Junior the Hedgehog is the 18 year old son of Apallo the Hedgehog and Hasa the Fox as well as the leader of the Solar Flare Hunters, the group notorious for the defeat of the Blacklust clan. He later came to the past to defeat them entirely, but ended up staying after he fell in love with Crymson the Cat.

Votes for Aahil

Votes for Apallo Jr.

  1. Junior obviously, he has much more of a developed story than Aahil does. ~ Legion
  2. Junior feels more relevant ~ Boom
  3. Junior is one of my favorite 1.0 characters and will more than likely continue to take a shine to me in 2.0. ~3K


  1. Holding back ~ Blu
  2. Coming in in case of Tie Breaker

Match 6: Snowdrop the Penguin vs. JT the Androhog (7.18.14)



JT 2.0

0 to 3

JT 2.0

JT is an anthropomorphic green "androhog". Unlike his original counterpart, very little is known about what JT used to do before he was a bartender, besides being the victor of the first annual Legacy -Battlers tournament, but that publicity faded away as the next one came along, which was won by someone else. However, it's implied that he has connections with two mysterious players in Chillverse 2.0, Falco and Sparks. JT is also a loner and genuinely does not consider many  people friends because he refuses to get close to anyone. JT would ally with someone or a group, but would often make wise-cracks and insults towards what he considers the "belatedness" of his temporary teammates.

Votes for Snowdrop

Votes for JT

  1. JT all the way ~ Apallo
  2. JT, he's one of my favourite OCs and also packing a big schlong for James. ~ Legion
  3. nostalgia calls ~ Boom


  1. Holding back for now ~Blu
  2. My character is in this so I'm just going to keep my vote out of it entirely. ~3K

Match 7: Kai the Fox vs. Valant Gramarye (7.18.14)

Snapshot 20110514 1


0 to 5

Kai the Fox is the deurotagonist of Chaos Quest and son of the great hero Drew. He's a young kid with not very many friends but strong determination. He's a Chaos Quest character, this is about as good as it gets for his kind (trash).

Valant is a young magician who has been hailed as a prodigy in his field, he is 24 years old and the heir to the Troupe Gramarye magic, he owns a staff which has the ability to perform illusions, however he also has the ability to perceive habits and twitches. Valant was born on West Side Island to Magnifi Gramarye and an unknown mother.

Votes for Kai

Votes for Valant

  1. hi ~ blu
  2. "Look at his art. Kai is absolute garbo. Why is he alive. Chaos Quest is nothing to be proud of. Like a bonus round car his ass should be destroyed to the Shadow Realm. SR Thots are too good for him. I hope he drowns in his own feces and dies" BlurayOriginals Jk jk but yea, Valant is cooler - Apallo
  3. once again i'm packing a big schlong for my own character. lol. sorry blu ~ Legion
  4. who the heck is kai ~ Boom
  5. Packing a big schlong for Phil. ~3K


  1. Look at his art. Kai is absolute garbo. Why is he alive. Chaos Quest is nothing to be proud of. Like a bonus round car his ass should be destroyed to the Shadow Realm. SR Thots are too good for him. I hope he drowns in his own feces and dies ~ Blu.

Match 8: Eva the Hedgegoose vs. Scorch the Phoepoe (7.25.14)



Scorch the Phoepoe

0 to 6

Scorch the Phoepoe
Eva is one of BlurayOriginals' former main characters. She is a clone fusion of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mina the Mongoose. She was on Chaos Quest. Decimate her.

Scorch the Phoepoe is a Mobian Phoenix/Hoopoe hybrid. She is from The Lands of Sodombere, an Egyptian-esque place in the west of Mobius. She has a bad reputation in her hometown, as she decides to disobey all their rules, go against traditional ways including how to act at festivals, how to enter another's property, how to dress and how to enter holy pyramids. Due to her rebellious personality, she was given the nicknames "The Rebel", "The Pest" and "The Non-Pure One" by nobles and villagers.

Votes for Eva

Votes for Scorch

  1. Sorry Eva. GG In Chaos Quest's reboot and maybe you'll have a chance. ~ Blu
  2. Scorch is pretty much cooler looking, plus I like her personality, though im glad she'll be appearing more - Apallo
  3. Scorch was one of the only good 1.0 characters, so I'll vote for her. ~Tyflo.
  4. two words: chaos quest ~ Legion
  5. shes awesome af and look at her sexy art ~ Boom
  6. Scorch is definitely the alpha female here, she has a great design and personality and hasn't been defaced by Chaos Quest. ~3K


Match 9: Apallo the Hedgehog vs. Hikari the Fenrir (7.25.14)

New Apallo


New Apallo

3 to 0


Apallo the Hedgehog is one of the three children of Solarburst and Lunana, two legendary warriors. Sent to the Earth by his parents to avoid their deaths in the Great Eight battle. He, along with his three siblngs lived in Starlight Ridge for most of their life until one day they had discovered the legend of the Zero Islands, and the powerful ancient weapons rumored to be there. From then on Apallo went on a series of adventures against Dr.Kintobot gaining a strong relationship with them as well as meeting his wife Hasa and later on realizing his heritage. As of now, Apallo has not been seen by anyone in months.

Votes for Apallo

  1. I know him more. Sorry. ~ Blu
  2. who is hikari ~ Legion
  3. There's almost no information about Hikari, who lacks not only a bio but an image too. It's obvious who my vote goes for. ~3K

Votes for Hikari


Match 10: Blu the Fox vs. Sal the Echidna (7.25.14)




4 to 2

Sal Bikini pic

Bluray the Fox was an adventurous child with ability to manipulate electricity and well as use telekinesis. He assisted some of Chillverse 1.0 greatest heroes as well as holding his own adventurous. Being some what of a smartass Blu was rarely ever serious and rather preferred to joke around. He was last seen with a few other survivors in CV1.0 trying to find the Chaos Emeralds to recover the world.

Sal the Echidna- A teenage echidna with light blue-purple fur who happens to be only slightly busty (not even that busty shut up probably about average and then a little bit) and into the latest fashion trends, she loves fashion and has no limits when it comes to shopping sprees at all, more than a couple of times she'll accidentally start a shopping spree from "thinking that cardigan looks nice" or seeing "a pretty skirt", she doesn't do this to impress anyone though, it's mainly a hobby. Her real dream, though, is to find someone who truly loves her (And obviously she finds someone , we all know who that is.) for who she is and not for looks or the clothing she buys. She isn't usually a combatant, however, her dad has fought before and knows a lot of combat techniques in which he passed down to her, but she primarily uses a pair of small handgun-like weapons given to her.

Votes for Blu

  1. TBH I really like how Sal is coming back in 2.0 as she seems like a good character. If it were almost any other character I'd vote for Sal but what can I say: packing a big shlong for my own character. I have no shame i'm sorry don't rek me boom ~ Blu
  2. I know him more, and he's pretty much a cool character ` Apallo
  3. sorry sean but i have to pack one for blu this time. i'm sorry................... ~ Legion
  4. Only just, in memoria for our electric fox. ~3K

Votes for Sal

  1. I think that anyone can win with enough experience and training, so I think Sal can win this one! ~Gurahk
  2. narcissism calls ~ Boom


  1. I refrain, Blu is too cynical and one note for my liking, or was. And I hardly know Sal. ~ Tyflo
  2. >One note, >Was in multiple scenarios rather than just being an edgehead. GET DA FRICK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUT ~ Blu

Match 11: Kouta the Raccoon vs. F8B the Cockatiel (8.1.14)



F8B the Cockatiel

1 to 4

F8B the Cockatiel

Kouta Yamaguchi is a mysterious Ninja from a somewhat well known clan, most details about the clan are unknown. He's stoic and calm, but has a soft spot for photography and always has his camera on him, aged 16 he's still maturing and he's inexperienced in most fields though he shows great potential in most things he tries, he tends to accidentally do perverse acts but never means harm, he sides with whatever he feels right which occasionally makes him do the wrong thing, despite being a ninja he is completely against many of the teachings, despite this he manages to keep good relations with his clan, he's chivalrous and respects everyone greatly. He's very Kuudere.

Tay the Cockatiel (Formerly F8B the Cockatiel) is a 19 year old cockatiel with blue hair and a long blue crest. She does have the power of storms in her clutch, but she never uses them due to trying to keep up her image as an idol's wife. She doesn't often help out during adventures unless she truly must.

Votes for Kouta

  1. I'm the most modest guy in the entire universe. ~Tyflo

Votes for F8B

  1. Tay has cool design ~ Blu
  2. ~ Legion
  3. Because why not. ~Holly
  4. Tay is much cooler and well....she's kinda one of the best characters from 1.0 ~ Pallo


  1. This round was unhealthy for Flame's characters. ~ Blu

Match 12: Isaiah the Irish Wolfhound vs. Tremor the Fox (8.1.14)

Riders Isaiah


Riders Isaiah

4 to 0

Tremor the Fox

Isaiah was born and grew up in a part of Holoska, which influenced his power to manipulate ice

Tremor a street performer with Jamal the Coyote and he's a fox and a sex bomb due to Boom. He is also a reference to Tremor from Mortal Kombat hence his name.

Votes for Isaiah

  1. I know and like Isaiah more ~ Blu
  2. ~ Legion
  3. Ditto @blu - Pallo
  4. Would clearly win. ~Holly

Votes for Tremor


Match 13: Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox vs. Shadi Gavin (8.1.14)

Snapshot 20120617


Snapshot 20120617

3 to 1

Dokuro was a playful, slightly airheaded and brave angel sent from the future to stop Doom from decimating everyone (as he was suppose to do in a future of CV2.0). She stayed with the group for a majority of the final acts of the series and assisted the constantly. She was well known for her catchphrase ("Pipiru-pi-piru-pipi-piru-pi") as well as her tendency to bludgeon anything that got on her nerves, mostly because she could revive it later (IN RETROSPECT THIS ONLY WORKED IN THE ORIGINAL AS SHE DIDN'T WANT TO KILL SAKURA IN CHILLVERSE 1.0 IT JUST MADE DEATH EVEN MORE MEANINGLESS THAN IT ALREADY WAS). Dokuro was last seen with the survivors of Nova's Attack attempting to find the Chaos Emeralds and repair the world.

Shadi Gavin doesn't officially come from 2.0, but was sent there in the resulting explosion of the M'Kraan Crystal on Nova's ship. He materialized in the sky above the Metropolis Zone, falling into an abandoned street and being nursed back to health by a mysterious woman known as Thalassa. He is also an expert hacker, known among the community as "Sagahi Vanmidi", which itself is an anagram for "I Am Shadi Gavin".

Votes for Dokuro

  1. Shadi's really cool and stuff but I'm sorry Legion...packing a big shlong for my own charac-- BOKATATSU TENSHI: DOKU, DOKU, DOKU, DOKU, DOKURO-CHAN-- I-I'm sorry. Please excuse my outburst. ~ Blu
  2. I kinda know of Dokuro better, and she seems to havemore for her. Sorry Shadi, I do love your reference to Yu-Gi-Oh with your name but the angel wins ~ Pallo
  3. Would clearly win. ~Holly

Votes for Shadi

  1. Packing a big shlong for my own. Sorry Blu-Senpai~ ~Legion


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