Welcome one and all to King of the Chill 2014, the first ever installment of this tournament based on deciding which Chill character is the most popular! Not best, most popular.  We have 52 different characters duking it out for the title to be King with three new matches every week culminating to the final duel September 5th. So have fun guys! Relax and enjoy the ride. Don't take things seriously, and remember to abide by these rules.

Rules (Read them or don't play. Simple)

  1. You may vote for your character when their match comes!
  2. Resetting the poll automatically brings a LOSS to your team!
  3. Be a good sport!
  4. Not being a good sport after a loss will result in the loss of another one of your characters! (this loss will be decided in a poll.)
  5. No trolling/flaming.
  6. No bribery.
  7. To join you have to be a chill regular. No exceptions.
  8. Three strikes your out! Break the rules three times and you (and all your characters left in the game) will be auto eliminated.

Tips to Win

  1. Have a page for you characters! It gives more information and gives them more credibility!
  2. Presents little cases why you want people to vote for your character in the "Comments" section.

Match 1: Auda the Hedgehog vs. Night the Hedgehog (5.9.14)


Auda the Hedgehog is a calm and collected young teenage boy who possesses psychic abilities and adventures around with his brother Chase, who is a fennec fox, they seem to be looking for something but no one knows what. Auda is a light blue hedgehog with unique spines which always point directly up. He wears a dark coat with has fur around the back going down where a zipper would usually end up being. He has golden yellow eyes.

Night the Hedgehog is a dark Blue nightstalker hedgehog. He has a little brother named Abyss but he's more of a responsible brother. He met Tynic when Tynic was on a roof One Day. So he decided to help him and his team. Night wears a ripped jack just because. He is 18 years old (on May 5). His older brother Midnight treats him like a slave so he, treat him the same way. When he help Tynic he more of a spy, but at least he is a part of the team.

For Auda

  1. Because narcissism s|3em 3em 3em 3em3e">3em 3em}}">s|3em 3em 3em 3em3e">[[File:Monobear_circle.png|40px|link=U:Monobear_circle.png|40px|link=Ub|My talk page[[User:Boombomb|<span title="My userpage" style="color:#cccccc; font-fam

I've never heard of Night before, so...Shen Pixel Headshottwenty second january. 15:26, May 9, 2014 (UTC)

  1. Auda seems a lot more fleshed out than Night is, honestly. There's always some kind of paradox going on, File:Project Paradox promotion (small).gif isn't there? 17:45,
  2. May 9, 2014 (UTC)
  3. I don't know much about Night, but I know Auda. ~My signature doesn't work damn it, Tyflo.
  4. Sorry, Night seems a bit underdeveloped. ~ Blu
  5. As someone who's spent more time knowing Auda my vote honestly goes to him. ~3K

For Night


  1. Thanks for voting everyone! Auda is the winner of the first King of Chill match! Thanks for voting! Eggman is the fastest motherf*cker alive.Th Tails RunningKnuckles run fastSonic emoteR2SO LONG LIVE THE EGGMAN EMPIRE!MyS emblem Eggman 12:18, May 18, 2014 (UTC)

Match 2: Jad the Wolverine vs. Honoo the Pyrofox (5.9.14)


Jadelk the Wolverine is a rash and reckless 14 year-old from Euris. Born in a small village for only two years before a sudden fire, caused by a magic accident which intensified the suns rays and burn the village down to the ground he was forced to flee into the forest where, thinking he was about to die was instead healed and bestowed with a strange tatoo reading "Chosen of the Forest". He escaped to the streets of a city, He spent most of his life dealing with gangs and other such, which is probably the reason he acts the way he does.

Honoo the Pyrofox is a 14 year old Magic weilding fox who specializes in illusion magic. born into a highly respected and wealthy family. For the first 6 years of his life he lived only in his home but at the age of 8 he escaped outside and found that the people of Euris were left to rot and nothing was done. When Honoo came home and confronting his father about this. His brother and mother agreed, angering his father (Cuifel) to the point of murdering his brother (Stryke) and mother (Roz) and nearly murdering Honoo. He escaped, Barely and with incredible luck enrolled himself in an academy for the gifted, upon leaving he traveled to where the main story takes place, to 'Find his fortunes'

For Jad

For Honoo

  1. er: ridge 3px #FF0000; x #FF0000; border-radius|3em 3em 3em 3em}}">">er: ridge 3px #FF0000; x #FF0000; boborder-radius|3em 3e">[[[User:Boombomb|<span title="My userpage" style="co 14:55, May 9, 2014 (UTC)
  2. idk why not There's always some kind of paradox going on, File:Project Paradox promotion (small).gif isn't there? 17:45, May 9, 2014 (UTC)
  3. HONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, also jad is a lispy dork. also i know more about honoo/am more attached to him. ~ Blu


  1. I'm going to avoid voting. ~ Tyflo.
  2. For our second match Honoo the Pyrofox has successfully triumphed over his competitor character, Jad! Thanks for voting! ~~~~

Match 3: Trucy Gavin vs. Tynic the Hedgehog (5.9.14)


Our first dud match. What a shame. Oh well. Tynic advances to Round 2!

For Trucy

For Tynic


Match 4: Yugi the Fox vs. Magnifi Gramarye (5.16.14)


Two dud matches in a row. How disgraceful. Hopefully next time we'll get a bit of salvation.

For Yugi

For Magnifi


Match 5: Nyan the Bakenko vs. Jayceson Avis (5.16.14)


And we have ANOTHER dud match. Masterful.

For Nyan

For Jayce


Match 6: Chase the Fennec Fox vs. Jyoushi the Wolf (5.16.14)


This is why we have test runs people. So stuff like this doesn't happen... (mumbles) round 1 will all be ogre soon...

For Chase

For Jyoushi


Match 7: Suri the Unyielding vs. Sparks Armando Enigmar (5.23.14)

Suri the Unyielding is a teenage girl with a severe case of amnesia, not even remembering her own name. Suri is brash and rather bratty, she loves the oppurtunity to fight and takes nearly every oppurtunity to fight, but this can sometimes lead to her dismay as her brash attitude can put her in tough spots. She is relatively wrapped in mystery.

Sparks Enigmar is a 21 year old member of time-hopping group The Exiles, who resolve paradoxes and splits in time. His origins are not exactly clear, though it is known that he enjoys pointing out the obvious. He seems to have some kind of past connection with JT the Androhog, though the details of this are known only to the two of them. He also enjoys drinking Irish Whiskey, and he seems to only take actions he deems to be correct, regardless of how morally ambiguous they are.

For Suri

For Sparks

  1. i'm packing a big schlong for my own character, sorry james ~ Legion
  2. Sparks, because well Ive known him somewhat. (Apallo)


  • can't decide, they both pack it big ~ Blu
  • Not voting. Obvious reasons. ~3k
  • I like both equally, I'll skip. ~Tay
  • Ehhhhh Not gonna vote, they both seem cool ~ Apallo

Match 8: Frigus the Fox vs. Thlassa Gramarye (5.23.14)


Frigus is a young fox who specializes in ice magic. She's not a ninja but does however expertise in skills used by a ninja such as silent movement, speed and quick kills, which she usually doesn't use because when she does fight which rarely happens, she enjoys using her ice magic to get herself though it. Frigus was raised by ninjas which explains how she knows those abilities. Although she has her flashy and not-so flashy moves, she is an extremely awkward and short tempered girl. Despite this superficial attitude, she is a clever, kind, and genuinely caring person. She eventually inherited a stubbornness for not giving up even if the odds were not in her favor.

Thalassa is a mysterious woman who lives in the city of Metropolis, she was persecuted as a witch and went into hiding-- Though it turns out those accusations are completely true, however her powers are mostly defensive/counter based, she seems to have mastered turning them into offensive moves, however. How old she is hasn't been told to anyone, and she gives out glares to anyone who asks. Her personality overall is rather open, she also seems to enjoy playing detective somewhat.

For Frigus

  1. refusing to let phil win ~Boom
  2. I really like the biography of Frigus. ~Tay
  3. Both seemed good but Frigus took my vote. ~Apallo

For Thlassa

  1. once again packing a schlong for my own character ~ Legion
  2. Just. Just. Got my vote. ~3K


  • once again, can't decide. ~ Blu

Match 9: Tsukiumi the Cat vs. Aahil the Flying Squirrel (5.23.14)


Just another dud guys, skip out.

For Tsukimi

For Aahil


Match 10: Source the Porcupine vs. Apallo Junior the Hedgehog (5.30.14)


Just another dud guys, skip out.

For Source

For Apallo Jr.


Match 11: Ecruos the Porcupine vs. Snowdrop the Penguin (5.30.14)


For Ecruos

For Snowdrop

  • Sorry Ecruos she actually gets on. Also noice character design. ~ Blu


  • I cant decide. (Apallo)

Match 12: Adam the Wolf vs. JT the Androhog (5.30.14)


For Adam

For JT

  • JT ALL DAY ~ Blu
  • Sorry Adam, even though you need to get out there and earn a name for yourself JT's got my vote (Apallo)


Match 13: Kai the Fox vs. Doom the Dark Lord (6.6.14)

Kai the Fox is the deurotagonist of Chaos Quest and son of the great hero Drew. He's a young kid with not very many friends but strong determination. He's a Chaos Quest character, this is about as good as it gets for his kind (trash).

For Kai

  • He might suck but he followed instruction and wasn't an OP godmodder. That was everyone else on Chaos Quest's job.
  • Kai, I dont really like Doom, especially fights with him. He looked a bit OP ~ Apallo
  • kai because he has a cooler name ~ Legion

For Doom


Match 14: Valant Gramarye vs. Eclipse the Hedgehog (6.6.14)

Valant is a young magician who has been hailed as a prodigy in his field, he is 24 years old and the heir to the Troupe Gramarye magic, he owns a staff which has the ability to perform illusions, however he also has the ability to perceive habits and twitches. Valant was born on West Side Island to Magnifi Gramarye and an unknown mother.

Eclipse the Hedgehog is clone of Apallo made up of his very own memories and DNA. Not much is currently known about him, He is the master of his own weapon, the Shadow Scythe, a blade so sharp that it was rumored to cut though souls. Married with Nira, and having a family has made this warrior settle down, but still on the road for his bounty hunter jobs.

For Valant

  • I dont think anyone likes Eclipse so Valant. (Apallo)
  • valant because i pack a big schlong for my own characters ~ Legion

For Eclipse


  • f

Match 15: Shred the Irish Wolfhound vs. Eva the Hedgegoose (6.6.14)

Don worry guys. Just a dud match. Eva advances.

For Shred

For Eva


  • Haha. Shred got dropped. That's what you get for not excepting Eva's advances in IASA. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ~ Blu

Match 16: Boombomb the Hedgehog vs. Scorch the Phoepoe (6.13.14)


For Boom

For Scorch

  • Boom deserves eternal damnation. ~ Blu
  • i want boombomb to fall into destruction ~ Legion
  • While I said that I havent seen Scorch in action as much as Boom, Im changing my vote so that at least while Boom is very well known on chill, Scorch should get some attention herself. - Apallo


  • Face eternal damnation Boombomb you damn hedgehog. ~ Blu
  • Same as my voting reason ~ Apallo

Match 17: Apallo the Hedgehog vs. Esu the Wolf (6.13.14)

Another dud. Of course Ecruos is the cause. Eggman is the fastest motherf*cker alive.Th Tails RunningKnuckles run fastSonic emoteR2SO LONG LIVE THE EGGMAN EMPIRE!MyS emblem Eggman 17:34, June 17, 2014 (UTC)

For Apallo

For Esu


Match 18: Arrow the Hedgehog vs. Hikari the Fenrir (6.13.14)


For Arrow

For Hikari

  • Hikari since she has a better design ~ Blu
  • i agree ~ Legion
  • While I love the hair design and clothing choice on both of these charcters, I do have to go with Hikari, she just looks better in my opinion ~Apallo


Match 19: Bluray the Fox vs. Leon the Hedgehog (6.20.14)

Bluray the Fox was an adventurous child with ability to manipulate electricity and well as use telekinesis. He assisted some of Chillverse 1.0 greatest heroes as well as holding his own adventurous. Being some what of a smartass Blu was rarely ever serious and rather preferred to joke around. He was last seen with a few other survivors in CV1.0 trying to find the Chaos to recover the world.

For Blu

  • Bluray for life. He's been by Apallo's side for a long time. Also he's my best pal so - Apallo
  • -Boom
  • Bluray is one of the most iconic characters who never made it to 2.0. A lot of people were upset for sure, but I think Bluray was a great character in 1.0, he was a character who stood out as a unique, spunky, somewhat of a prankster kid in a Chillverse that was packed to the brim with gritty characters and death, something which was lacked in 1.0 no matter how hard anyone else tried. He may not be in 2.0, and that may upset you, but if you think about it, Bluray's gimmick wouldn't work as well in 2.0. Besides the point'ohs, Bluray was definitely a terrific, memorable character, and not one that I will forget soon, which is why he gets my vote. ~3K
  • Not because narcissistic queef but because Blu is an overall better character, Tynic never gets on and his descriptions are always incoherent, jumbled english. ~ Blu
  • BLURAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Legion

For Leon


  • r.i.p bluray (2012-2014)

Match 20: Jacob the Flying Squirrel vs. Sal the Echidna (6.20.14)

Jacob is a 10-year-old Flying Squirrel. He is the youngest of his three sliblings, and the most corrupt of them. Jacob, like Lairus was a victim of the Orb of Fiend Spirits. Jacob grew up with his relatives. He was adventurous and free-spirited. When he was about 8 he came across the Orb of Fiend Spirits, which sucked his purity out (which wasn't very abundant) and he became entirely corrupt. He was sadistically attacking innocent and even his siblings. Jacob had become more and more dubious over time, and soon he became a great menace.

Sal the Echidna- A teenage echidna with light blue-purple fur who happens to be only slightly busty (not even that busty shut up probably about average and then a little bit) and into the latest fashion trends, she loves fashion and has no limits when it comes to shopping sprees at all, more than a couple of times she'll accidentally start a shopping spree from "thinking that cardigan looks nice" or seeing "a pretty skirt", she doesn't do this to impress anyone though, it's mainly a hobby. Her real dream, though, is to find someone who truly loves her (And obviously she finds someone , we all know who that is.) for who she is and not for looks or the clothing she buys. She isn't usually a combatant, however, her dad has fought before and knows a lot of combat techniques in which he passed down to her, but she primarily uses a pair of small handgun-like weapons given to her.

For Jacob

  • After reading both of their stories, I feel like Jacob just comes over Sal for me, sure, Sal's a great character, but compared to Jacob I can't help but feel like she's a little too close to the archetype of "girly girl who's also a badass". ~3K

For Sal

  • -Boom (Ego)


  • Gimmie a bit ~ Apallo
  • Yeah, gonna hold back.

Match 21: Z-Rock the Dragon-Hedgehog Hybrid vs. Kouta the Raccoon(6.20.14)

Another dud, skip out.

For Z-Rock

For Kouta


  • What a shame. So many failures. ~ Blu

Match 22: Delta the Corrupted vs. F8B the Cockatiel (6.27.14)


For Delta

  1. d

For F8B

  1. F8B because her user is active. ~ Blu
  2. Rio Is active but I do have to say something about F8B. I like her design and I like her character but to me she felt like she didnt do much. (No offence please dont take what I said the wrong way) She was a great teacher in School TPs and hopefully she'll return with reveengence. ~ Apallo


  • f

Match 23: Target the Eagle vs. Isaiah the Irish Wolfhound (6.27.14)


For Target

  1. d

For Isaiah

  1. Isaiah. Although I may not always have agreed with his actions he's one of the most memorable characters from my early RP days. The only thing I remember Target doing is marrying and having a child. With Falco the Eagle. Yeah. Oh, and she also banged Boom once when Ciel was missing or out of comission or they were drunk or something. Its like the love triangle between Luigi, Peach and Mario in TWBB only instead of the character of the 1 in the 2:1 gender ratio being a keeper of balance and harmony Boom was just some Gary-Stu Shadow recolor/expy who stole attention from other characters or talked down to them. This has geared off FAR from the topic at hand. Isaiah. ~ Blu
  2. Im with blu on the whole memorable thing. I dont know target is only that she is a charcter of Rios I havent seen her do much since I first joined either. Also Isaiah is kinda part of the whole ABI group or the Three Musketeers so yes my vote goes for Isa ~ Pallo


  • f

Match 24: Kyuket the Vampire Bat vs. Tremor the Fox (6.27.14)

Another dud, skip out.

For Kyuket

  1. d

For Tremor

  1. d


  • f

Match 25: Dokuro the Angelic Fox vs. Titanium the Echidna (7.4.14)


For Dokuro

  1. dont know about either of them, but Dokuro looks cool by design. - Apallo
  2. bruhkuro ~ Legion
  3. Sorry Rio. He's done nothing. Ever. ~ Blu

For Titanium


  • f

Match 26: Flame the Hedgehog vs. Shadi Gavin (7.4.14)


For Flame

  1. d

For Shadi

  1. i'm packing a big schlong for my own again ~ Legion
  2. Revisiting some old TPs Flame was ANNOYING. ~ Blu


  • they both look cool... - Apallo

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