It often occurs in the back of a users mind to create plots, characters, art and things that will shake the wiki and make us well known. We want to be the best we can be and bring out the most creativity possible in Sonic the Hedgehog and in ourselves. So...

I present...

The first annual: 

King of the Chill!

In this beauty of an idea (hosted by BlurayOriginals) up to 300 Chill Sonic Fanon characters will go toe-to-toe in this all-star brawls! Each week a certain number of matches will be selected to which YOU yeah YOU, decide who will succeed will YOUR vote! Of course there need to be rules (as with any game).

Rules (Read them or don't play. Simple)

  1. You may vote for your character when their match comes!
  2. Resetting the poll automatically brings a LOSS to your team!
  3. Be a good sport!
  4. Not being a good sport after a loss will result in the loss of another one of your characters! (this loss will be decided in a poll.)
  5. No trolling/flaming.
  6. No bribery.
  7. Each user will be allowed ten (10) characters only! If you exceed ten all characters after the tenth shall be erased!
  8. You don't HAVE to have ten characters!
  9. To join you have to be a chill regular. No exceptions.
  10. Three strikes your out! Break the rules three times and you (and all your characters left in the game) will be auto eliminated.
  11. You have until July 8th to join! Special exceptions will be made!

Tips to Win

  1. Have a page for you characters! It gives more information and gives them more credibiltity!

Penalized Players



Urgent News (8/9/13):

King of the Chill is vastly approaching, planning to be started early September! As such it needs your help! The following characters do not have artwork on them but need it for a very special, trait making part of the event:

These are the characters who need their art in by TBACharacters that are bold already have noted artwork.


  • Boombomb the Hedgehog
  • Frigus the Fox
  • Sal the Echidna
  • Chase the Fennec Fox
  • Auda the Hedgehog
  • Flame the Hedgehog
  • Doom the Dark Lord


  • Tye The Hedgehog
  • Leon The Hedgehog
  • Arrow The Hedgehog
  • Night The Hedgehog


  • Sparks Armando Enigmar
  • Yugi the Fox 
  • Valant Gramarye 
  • Shadi Gavin 
  • Thalassa Gramarye
  • Magnifi Gramarye
  • Trucy Gavin


  1. Bluray the Fox
  2. Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox
  3. Kai the Fox
  4. Eva the Hedgegoose


  • Ecruos the Porcupine
  • Delta the Corrupted
  • Hikari the Fenrir
  • Jyoushi the Wolf
  • Kyuket the Vampire Bat
  • Esu the Wolf
  • Source the Porcupine
  • Tsukiumi the Cat
  • Z-Rock the Dragon-Hedgehog Hybrid
  • Nyan the Bakenko


  • Honoo The Pyrofox
  • Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine
  • Kouta the Racoon
  • Jayceson Avis


  • Suri the Unyielding
  • JT the Androhog


  • Isaiah The Irish Wolfhound
  • Tremor The Fox
  • Aahil the Flying Squirrel
  • Shred The Irish Wolfhound
  • Jacob The Flying Squirrel

​Apallo The Hedgehog

  • Apallo The Hedgehog
  • Apallo "Junior" The Hedgehog
  • Eclipse The Hedgehog
  • Adam the Wolf

RioFan01 (yes i know she has a new name but fight me irl)

  • Target the Eagle
  • Scorch the Phoepoe
  • Titanium the Echidna
  • F8B the Cockatiel

Contests for King of the Chill

This is where you'll put your characters! You have until July 15th to join! Good luck!

  1. Bluray the Fox
  2. Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox
  3. Kai the Fox
  4. Eva the Hedgegoose
  5. Apallo The Hedgehog
  6. Apallo "Junior" The Hedgehog
  7. Eclipse The Hedgehog
  8. Adam the Wolf
  9. Isaiah The Irish Wolfhound
  10. Tremor The Fox
  11. Aahil the Flying Squirrel
  12. Shred The Irish Wolfhound
  13. Jacob The Flying Squirrel
  14. Ecruos the Porcupine
  15. Delta the Corrupted
  16. Hikari the Fenrir
  17. Jyoushi the Wolf
  18. Kyuket the Vampire Bat
  19. Esu the Wolf
  20. Source the Porcupine
  21. Tsukiumi the Cat
  22. Z-Rock the Dragon-Hedgehog Hybrid
  23. Nyan the Bakenko
  24. Boombomb the Hedgehog
  25. Frigus the Fox
  26. Sal the Echidna
  27. Chase the Fennec Fox
  28. Auda the Hedgehog
  29. Flame the Hedgehog
  30. Doom the Dark Lord
  31. Target the Eagle
  32. Scorch the Phoepoe
  33. Titanium the Echidna
  34. F8B the Cockatiel
  35. Snowdrop the Penguin
  36. JT the Androhog
  37. Suri the Unyielding
  38. Honoo The Pyrofox
  39. Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine
  40. Kouta the Racoon
  41. Jayceson Avis
  42. Tye The Hedgehog
  43. Leon The Hedgehog
  44. Arrow The Hedgehog
  45. Night The Hedgehog
  46. Sparks Armando Enigmar
  47. Yugi the Fox
  48. Valant Gramarye
  49. Shadi Gavin (page name to be updated)
  50. Thalassa Enigmar Gramarye
  51. Magnifi Gramarye
  52. Trucy Enigmar Gavin


Round 1

  1. Auda the Hedgehog vs. Night the Hedgehog
  2. Jad the Wolverine vs. Honoo the Pyrofox
  3. Trucy Gavin vs. Tynic the Hedgehog 
  4. Yugi the Fox vs. Magnifi Gramarye
  5. Nyan the Bakenko vs. Jayceson Avis
  6. Chase the Fennec Fox  vs. Jyoushi the Wolf
  7. Suri the Unyielding vs. Sparks Armando Enigmar
  8. Frigus the Fox vs. Thlassa Gramarye
  9. Tsukiumi the Cat vs. Aahil the Flying Squirrel
  10. Source the Porcupine vs. Apallo Junior the Hedgehog
  11. Ecruos the Porcupine vs. Snowdrop the Penguin
  12. Adam the Wolf vs. JT the Androhog
  13. Kai the Fox vs. Doom the Dark Lord
  14. Valant Gramarye vs. Eclipse the Hedgehog
  15. Shred the Irish Wolfhound vs. Eva the Hedgegoose
  16. Boombomb the Hedgehog vs. Scorch the Phoepoe
  17. Apallo the Hedgehog vs. Esu the Wolf
  18. Arrow the Hedgehog vs. Hikari the Fenrir
  19. Bluray the Fox vs. Leon the Hedgehog
  20. Jacob the Flying Squirrel vs. Sal the Echidna
  21. Z-Rock the Dragon-Hedgehog Hybrid vs. Kouta the Raccoon
  22. Delta the Corrupted vs. F8B the Cockatiel
  23. Target the Eagle vs. Isaiah the Irish Wolfhound
  24. Kyuket the Vampire Bat vs. Tremor the Fox
  25. Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox vs. Titanium the Echidna 
  26. Flame the Hedgehog vs. Shadi Gavin

Round 2

  1. Auda the Hedgehog vs. Honoo the Pyrofox
  2. Tynic the Hedgehog vs. Yugi the Fox 
  3. Jayceson Avis vs. Chase the Fennec Fox
  4. Suri the Unyielding vs. Frigus the Fox
  5. Aahil the Flying Squirrel vs. Apallo Junior the Hedgehog
  6. Snowdrop the Penguin vs. JT the Androhog
  7. Kai the Fox vs. Valant Gramarye
  8. Eva the Hedgegoose vs. Scorch the Phoepoe 
  9. Apallo the Hedgehog vs. Hikari the Fenrir
  10. Bluray the Fox vs. Sal the Echidna
  11. Kouta the Raccoon vs. F8B the Cockatiel
  12. Isaiah the Irish Wolfhound vs. Tremor the Fox
  13. Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox vs. Shadi Gavin

Round 3

  1. Auda the Hedgehog vs. Yugi Gramarye (8.8.14)
  2. Chase the Fennec Fox vs. Suri the Unyielding (8.8.14)
  3. Apallo Solaris Jr. vs. JT the Androhog (8.8.14)
  4. Valant Gramarye vs. Scorch the Phoepoe (8.15.14)
  5. Apallo Solaris vs. Blu the Fox (8.15.14)
  6. F8B the Cockatiel vs. Isaiah the Irish Wolfhound (8.15.14)
  7. Blu the Fox vs. Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox (8.22.14)

Round 4

  1. Yugi Gramayre vs. Suri the Unyielding (8.22.14)
  2. JT the Androhog vs. Scorch the Phoepoe (8.22.14)
  3. Dokuro-Chan the Angelic Fox vs. F8B the Cockatiel (8.29.14)
  4. Suri the Unyielding vs. JT the Androhog vs. Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox (8.29.14)
  5. Final Two (9.5.14)

Official Artwork

Round 1

King of the Chill/Round 1

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