Keshuna Gaskin, or Kiki Nelson, is a classmate of the Escogang (however at best is Neutral in alignment). She is, mainly by Isaiah and Crispy, looked upon as a thot.  

No Title





Modeled after

Keshuna Gaskin

Created By

Mr.Zaya, ZexalSlash

First (And Only) Appearance

Zay's Kill Count: 3

Favorite Football Team

Oakland Raiders


Keshuna's open to her friends. At times, she is passive and then other times agressive.

Relationships with Others

Zay Escobar

Keshuna does not care for nor about Zay, but nonetheless she does not attack him, at least anymore. However, she never wants to associate with him.

Crispy McChicken

Keshuna teases Crispy. the end

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