Kendall the Terrier
Kendall the Terrier
Kendall is a baller, DJ, and rapper all in one package.





Abilities & Skills

Excellent basketball player, incredible DJ, rapper, and dancer; self-taught Martial Artist

Love Interests

Samantha the Wolf


Basketball, rapping, showing off, sportsmanship, being on top, doing the impossible, etc.


Sore losers, losing, dishonor, boredom, getting rejected, hearing bad things about what he likes, etc.

Kendall the Terrier is a young man that lives with his family near Empire City. He is an exuberant and ambitious young man that is able to do anything he sets his mind to. Kendall works part-time as a DJ and a rapper to help his once poor family, but he excels greatly at basketball, which he has a passionate love for.


Kendall was raised into a poor neighborhood, with his own parents having barely enough money to get him a proper education. Feeling a need to help out his folks, Kendall started working part-time jobs as a rapper on the streets, and as a DJ and several nightclubs. The money he gained from both professions was enough to support his parents, and get a better home and lifestyle.

During his jobs, Kendall found a true passion for basketball. He loved the finesse and heart into the game, and began playing streetball with several other ballers. In several months, Kendall quickly honed his craft and became the best baller in Empire City. He became equally disliked and respected by others for his impressive skills, never-say-die attitude, and high amount of sportsmanship both on and off the court.

Kendall eventually caught the eye of Samantha, who had just moved to the city. He was quite friendly to her and was very flirtatious, which flattered her. Eventually, Kendall began to grow an interest in her, and took some advice from his best friend, Alex, on how to get her attention. Despite his attempts in opening up, even getting a motorcycle license, her father Gregor disapproved of his advances, calling him weak and a fool, which dismantalled his confidence.


Kendall is highly beloved by several of his friends and rivals not only for his impressive skills, but also his fair manners. He takes a high level of pride in himself and his teammates, and is willing to show great amount of sportsmanship and respect to those he trusts. Kendall also has a tendency to show off or go through extra bounds, feeling like there's nothing he can't do. This causes him to get too cocky and lead to several losses. He is, unfortunately, prone to excessive critisisms towards himself and his friends, which lead to mixed emotions. These range from absolute anger to complete depression.





  • Kendall's creation came about for Gurahk's increased interest in Streetball and wanting to have more athlete-type characters.
  • Kendall originally was supposed to reside in Brooklyn, New York, but was changed to have a more Mobian theme to the locations.

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