Kelly Foster is a middle-aged human woman who is Captain or DA of the Federal Agency of Mobius. She is Captain of a squad of 11 Homicide Detectives, including Carley Crabtree and Ryan Rosenberg.


Born: January 2nd, 1956

Current Age: 57

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Eyes: Green

Hair: Gray (streaked with white)

Skin: Fair (wrinkled)

Status: Alive

Occupation: Captain/DA of a squad of Homicide Detectives

Weapon(s): Nightstick and Twin Glock 22 Pistols


Kelly Foster was born in the 50's, before the war that caused the Mobians and Mobius to exist. Before the war she was a patrol officer, and became a homicide detective by the time the war started. During the war, she investigated many deaths caused by Mobians and battled many Mobians. She boasts about killing 15 she found killing a family.

After the war, she, like many human survivors did who remembered the war, began to have misgivings about the Mobians. Billions of humans and millions of Mobians died, and they now lived alongside each other. in seeming harmony. However, she disliked Mobians for killing so many humans.

After the war, all human companies were shut down and replaced by Mobian companies. Even the planet Earth was renamed to Mobius. She disliked this very greatly and began to hate Mobians altogether, though in secret.

All of the human detectives were moved to the Federal Agency of Mobius, a worldwide crime-fighting organization. Out of the 30 people in her squad, only 3 survived, excluding her captain. Being the oldest of the 3, she became the next Captain. She rarely hires Mobians unless they perform the best they possibly can. She has only hired 5 Mobians in her entire work as Captain, one of whom is dead.

Though older, she still takes on a few cases if all available detectives in her squad are working on a case or making an arrest. The latest case she cracked was in February 2013, as she is heading into the retirement age.


I am not implying racism is okay in any of this. I stand against racism, though this character is somewhat a villain in my continuity. However, I apologize if I offended anyone or people think I'm implying racism in this character, which I am not trying to do.

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