Kathic the Rabbit
Kathic the Rabbit
Kathic is Pearl's sweet but powerful partner.




Rabbit-based Reploid


Skilled at close-quarters combat, wields electric-powered Chaosblades and pistols

Love Interests

Spark Man


Helping out, hanging out with I or Spark Man, feeling useful, getting exercise


Fighting too much, Pearl's provocative nature, ladies being seen as an object, Mavericks

Kathic the Rabbit is a kindhearted and spunky Reploid and one of the surviving Maverick Hunters. She is Pearl the Hedgecat's partner, but the two are complete opposites and don't quite get along. In fact, the ones she consider her true partners are Spark Man (who she has a crush on) and I. Kathic is a very kindhearted and spunky girl, but still knows when to get serious in many scenarios.


Kathic was enlisted in the Maverick Hunters around the same time as Pearl and Nellia, as part of a female Hunters directive. She was quickly set up as Pearl's partner, but the two often argued due to their stark contrasts in personalities. Kathic also quickly fell in love with Spark Man and even fell sorry for his long history of serving Dr. Wily. 

During the destruction of the Maverick Hunters base, Kathic was able to survive, and was captured and enslaved by the Maverick Army to mine for Force Metal and Dark Energon. Zero asked Pearl to rescue her, but the Mavericks struck at Pearl's lust for sex and she came back to the new Olympus base empty-handed. Enraged, Spark Man not only rescued kathic--who was now so exhausted she was at the brink of death--but beat her up quite bad. Kathic was actually very touched at how much Spark Man cared for her and confessed her feelings to him, which he reciprocated.


Kathic is a very sweet and spunky girl. Contrasting Pearl's provocative and sultry attitude, Kathic doesn't exactly like senseless fighting and wants to "save" the Mavericks, but knows that on the battlefield she must put her feelings aside for her team and greater cause. Kathic is also seen to be quite timid, as when around Spark Man, she tends to lose focus or get tense. Still, she is very fun-loving and has much fortitude, which has humbled quite a bit of her fellow hunters.




  • Kathic is an original character made for Maverick Hunter X.

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