Jurshua is a fan character based on Apallo The Hedgehog's annoying, destructive, and sicking younger brother, Joshua. 


This little stain on Mobius is from Earth. ApalloTH came back from a fun trip with his best friend from high school.  only to return homw to find his room in shambles, all of his artwork  on the floor, his sketch pad ripped into pages, his games and cases everywhere and a note that said " I hope you and your friend are ready to Brawl". This pissed Apallo off so much that he wished with all of his soul that Jursuah  would just dissapear from the face of the planet. 

The little a-hole however was sent to Mobius where Apallo's fursona and his friends lived. Apon arrival, the skies turned dark, the air felt thin and humid and his first words were the following: "I must be in that Fa**ot, Sonic's World" and with that he ran all over his arrival area with his annoying laugh when he makes a bad dirty joke.


Jursuah is a fighting game fanboy who is obsessed with Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, and many more series under the fighting genre. He is one of those annoying fans who just wants a character from one of those games to be in crossovers in where they would not fit in. He is also a copycat taking moves from said fighters mostly super or hyper combos. He annoys people with the constant talk about fighting games and how other games suck, mostly picking on the Sonic Heroes, thinking it is funny. Phhht he wont be laughing when he jokes on Shadow about adult things he wants to do with Maria.

Speaking of bad jokes, he does this often to everyone to annoy them or to just get a kick out of it.

He also has no decency for the female gender. NONE AT ALL. He goes around saying rape jokes and sex jokes that often end up with a chase with the cops. And he wonders why his brother as unlucky as he is can at least get a girl to like him (if only for a short peroid) and he cant. 

He is also a thief, always waiting for people to leave to just trash their homes and steal things that he cant get. He only got cought once and was then beaten to the point of being sent to a Hospital, soon after he was kicked out due to the doctors finding out who he was.


Green Hill Zone Backwards02:25

Green Hill Zone Backwards


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