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Cquote1 I stand up for what I believe in and for those who I care about Cquote2

Johnny the Hedgewolf
A warrior with a heart of Gold

Full Name

Johnny Alex Hedgewolf




JJ, Brother, Golden Warrior, Blue Pest, & Wolfie (Only by Blaze)







Weapon of choice

Plasma Blaster


Mobian Defender


Arcee (sister), Racheal (mother), Kako (father, deceased) Blaze (wife), & Silver (brother in law)

Relationship status

Married: Blaze the Cat

Johnny the Hedgewolf is one of the main protagonists in "Mobian Defenders" and his life takes place four hundred years after the events of the "Final War" in which Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters defeated Dr Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik once and for all.


Young life (Birth - 5)

Johnny was born into a middle class family being really nothing special other than being the first full hybrid New Knothole had in over Seventy years. Over the first few years of his life, Johnny had taken a strong interest in becoming a Mobian Defender much like his father. While his father was keen on the idea of his son fighting besides him, his mother however disapproved of this because she feared she would lose her son and tried to steer Johnny away from this dream. But this was to no avail because Johnny disregarded his mother and kept at his training. When Johnny was about four years old, his father took him to meet his 'Uncle' Saino, a red cat who was Kako's best friend from childhood and battle partner. During the visit, Johnny met Saino's kids, A psychokinetic Hedgehog named Silver, and a pyrokinetic cat named Blaze. At first Johnny was a bit intimidated by them because of their powers, but lightened up over time due to them not being as bad as Johnny first thought. Johnny seemed to get along with Blaze fairly well, and eventually they became best friends.

Adolescence (6 - 17)

Over the course of his childhood & into his preteen years, Johnny began tapping into powers he had no idea he had. With the help of Blaze by complete accident, he discovered he had a connection to fire after controlling a flame ball Blaze carelessly threw at him by accident. Johnny also found out he could tap into a deep pool of energy to do a range of attacks from simple blasts to beams. It wasn't the chaos force like everyone else thought it was, but ki energy. Something only very few were able to channel. However, Johnny had not yet learned how to channel his ki so it came out only in bursts lasting as long as a few seconds. Johnny then found help controlling his ki from an old martial arts master. Eventually Johnny and Blaze got together and they have been together ever since. Close to his 16th birthday, everything changed for Johnny. He was informed by his mother Rachael that his father and Saino had died by the hands of the merciless tyrant Nazo, who's army was slowly closing in on their country. From then on, Johnny trained whenever he could so his body could be in top notch shape to join the Defenders.

Adult Hood (18 - Present) 

When the time came, Johnny signed up to become apart of the Mobian Defenders, with Blaze signing up not long after. After some tests and what not, he was enlisted along with Blaze. Since his enlistment, Johnny is still determined to do what ever it takes to protect the ones he loves and cares about no matter the cause. He is now the leader of squad 34 with Blaze by his side. Their squad is one of the ten elite squads. Johnny still can't wait for the day when he comes face to face with Nazo and end his tyranny once and for all.


Johnny is much like Sonic when it comes to personality, kind hearted and wanting to do the right thing, however he is known to get quite cocky. Johnny is also short tempered when it comes to certain things. He can also get very serious when in battle and will not hesitate to strike someone down when he sees fit.


  • Blaze the Cat
  • Arcee the Hedgewolf
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Proto
  • Shard
  • Metal Man
  • Bubble Man
  • Rachael the Hedgehog
  • Alex the Fox
  • Cambree the Fox
  • Kimmy the Hedgehog
  • Dez the War Wolf


  • Eggman Nega
  • Metal Sonic 2.0
  • The German Doctor
  • Nazo


Much like most Sonic characters, Johnny has a few forms.

Super Wolf

Super wolf 1

Johnny in his Super Wolf One Form

His first form is the Super Wolf, a legendary form with stories passed down though generations and said to rival that of the super form that comes from the Chaos Emeralds. When Johnny transforms into this form, his eyes turn orange, his fur turns aqua blue, and his highlights turn light aqua blue. However due to Johnny being a hybrid he can't access the full power of the Super Wolf in just one form. The forms power may be cut in half, but it's still a major power increase none the less. When Johnny transforms into this form he receives a 500% increase in power, which includes stronger attacks, faster speed, and the ability to fly much easier. Johnny can stay in this form for however long he wants but at the cost of energy. If he uses up too much, the form will subside. However unlike the super forms from the Chaos Emeralds, this form is not invincible. Johnny can still get hurt and possibly die if he is facing a stronger opponent. Also unlike the super forms, the Super Wolf won't heal Johnny and whatever state he's in prior to the transformation will remain.

Super wolf 2

Johnny in his Super Wolf Two Form

Super Wolf 2

His second form is the Ascended Super Wolf, aka Super Wolf 2. The Ascended Wolf is the full power of the Super Wolf. While the form doesn't make him invincible like the legends say, he's still hard to hurt none the less. The form turn's Johnny's eyes red, his fur silver, and his highlights white. The form gives Johnny another 500% power increase, however this comes at a price. Johnny can't stay in this ascended form for too long, other wise he will use up too much of his energy and revert back to his base form. While in this form Johnny has the option to use whatever energy the form uses for a ki attack. If he focus' the energy into his hands, he can unleash a devastating attack called the Hell Fire Flash. The HFF takes time to charge, roughly two to three minutes. Once Johnny fires the blast he will revert back to his base form and will be unable to use ki based attacks for a while and won't be able to fly. Johnny only uses this form and the attack as a last resort and will try everything else he can to avoid using it.

Alternate Versions

Like in the Archie comics, there are multiple universes. And with multiple universes there are multiple Johnny's and what not. Here are some of them.

Archie Johnny

Super Johnny

Archie Johnny

In this universe, Johnny is not too different from his prime counterpart except he's much faster and knows Sonic & friends. He is not with Blaze in this universe, as the two have barely had any interaction with each other, although they are acquaintances. Instead of having his usual armor, Johnny's sporting his off duty clothing which are jeans, running shoes, and arm socks with finger less gloves. Johnny is single in this universe and hasn't shown much of an interest in anyone aside from a small one for Amy Rose. His personality, powers, and forms haven't changed much and remain relatively the same. 

50 years later Johnny

In this universe, the same events play out like how they do in the prime universe except Dr. Eggman actually is caught trying to escape and executed. Johnny is born fifty years after these events opposed to four hundred years. Not much has changed from his prime counterpart except his father is still alive and Nazo doesn't exist. Instead, there is an era of peace Mobius hasn't seen in many years. With Sonic and Sally as king and queen, things went smoothly under their reign. That was until another mad doctor showed up, seemingly to come out of no where with more 


50 years later Johnny

advance robots than Eggman's. These robots seemed to have some sort of sentience to them, even more so than Metal Sonic. No one has seen him face to face as he is always cloaked in darkness, but some defining features from what can be seen is a giant mustache and a German accent. Johnny has the dream of joining the Golden Warriors, the king and queen's army that was formed around the time the new Doctor attacked. Johnny has lived a pretty normal life with his Girlfriend Sonia the Hedgehog, the daughter of King Sonic and Queen Sally. When Johnny finally joined the Golden Warriors, he was ecstatic and couldn't wait to be on the front lines. Sonia tried to convince her father to have him on the royal guard so he could be safer and not be in and huge danger. However, King Sonic denied her request. He knew Johnny had potential that would be wasted being a royal guard. Johnny can't wait for the day when the Doctor could be brought in for his crimes.

Sonic.EXE Johnny

In this universe, Johnny is a cold, uncaring, and quite satanic person.



He gladly takes pleasure from others' pain whether he is causing it or not. Unlike the other Johnny's, this one was only a character created by Shannon Rose as a fan character whom she loved dearly. In a fan game both she and another student were making, something very bizarre happened to the student causing him to disappear for two months before reappearing. When he reappeared, he gave Shannon the flash drive and disappeared again. When she played the game, she noticed Johnny was a playable character, but could only play as him after playing as Blaze & Sonia. When she did, it was at this point where she faced Sonic.EXE in a boss like battle. When Shannon thought she had defeated him, she was proven wrong. After having her character get the shit beat out of him, he did not kill him but recruited him as his third in command giving him the powers of an EXE and warping his personality. Johnny.EXE still leads with Sonic.EXE as well as EXE's 7 Guardians. He is one of the most dangerous and brutal Johnny's to exist


  • Johnny originally started off as a blue Shadow with lighter blue highlights with Amy Rose as his girlfriend. Elements of their relationship is somewhat present in the Archie timeline 
  • Another thing about Johnny's original back story, Johnny was originally the half brother of Sonic and Shadow being a fusion of both of them created by Dr. Eggman. His intentions were to make the next ultimate life form.
  • During Mobian Defender's conception there were two ways the story could have gone. One way was where the story takes place fifty years later with Sonic still alive and a king. The second was a story that took place four hundred years later with almost all of the main cast dead. It's obvious which timeline won
  • The alternate story line did not go to waste however. It is another alternate universe.
  • A game from MegaSonic X (aka JohnnyHedgeWolf) is currently in development under the title "Project MDX". It was originally called "Project X' but the name was changed due to it could have been mistaken for the CapcomXNamcoXSega crossover game or for the hentai game put together by Zeta Team both of the same name. The game will show Johnny & Blaze's prime universe and will have strong Megaman & Sonic influences from stage design to programming.
  • It's possible Johnny has some sort of connection to Sonic the Hedgehog as far as genetics go. When on scouting missions or rescue operations, people have at first mistaken him for Sonic due to having an apparent strong resemblance to him in looks and attitude. Even the mysterious Proto pointed this out. When Johnny went against it, Proto only said this: "Trust me, if anyone knows how Sonic is, it's me." It's implied that Proto has known Sonic personally, but Johnny refuses to believe this due to Sonic being dead for over four hundred years and everyone except Nega and Shard who did know him were dead. It's impossible for someone to live four hundred years without some kind of cryogenic sleep... Or is it?
  • The Super Wolf form and legend is based on the Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Another thing inspired from DBZ is Johnny's Hell Fire Flash. The attack is similar to Vegeta's move "Final Flash" only it's not powerful or as big.


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