Jetfire the Jethog
Jetfire the Jethog
Jetfire is a proud Aerialbot that serves in the Repliforce Air Force Unit.




Hedgehog Reploid


Superior flight skills with his convertable flight wings behind him, powers over fire, great at combat and using weapons like the Thermo Rocket Launcher, Neutron Assault Rifle, Null Ray rifle, and Subsonic Repeater.

Love Interests



Serving Skiver, helping his friends, defeating the army, scientific solutions and strategies, feeling useful, protecting his home, etc.


Destruction, Mavericks winning, failing his superiors, threats to Mobius, evil domination, etc.

Voice Actor

Troy Baker

Jetfire the Jethog is a smart and proud Aerialbot that serves in the Repliforce's Air Force Unit and Aerialbot Platoon, as well as The Skiver's first liuetenant. Once a scientist and researcher, he joined Repliforce alongside his twin brother, Jetstorm after his friend, Starscream had fallen from grace and become Maverick. He forms the right leg of Superion.


Before the Maverick Wars, Jetfire was a scientist and researcher, working with his good friend Starscream with Reploid research & development. He always found great interest in his friends works and theories, though distateful in some of his war-driven ideas. He also was the one that showed displeasure in Gate's dangerous tests and experiments and was the one that fired him when he grew obsessed with his own ideals, regardless of what they might be.

After a few months as scientists, Starscream and Jetfire agreed to enlist in Repliforce, with their brothers, becoming even greater friends than before. However, one day, Starscream and his brothers were betrayed by their unit, who had deemed Stasrscream Maverick for some of his ideas and behavior. Although Jetfire was not part of this rebellion against him per say, he was afraid of being discharged or being labelled Maverick himself, and ultimately went against his own friend, with great regret from this day onward.

After this incident, Jetfire, Jetstorm, and three other soldiers--Silverbolt, Air Raid, and Wing Saber--performed at their peak and were granted their own subgroup, the Aerialbots. Shortly after this, Repliforce researchers had the idea to have them be a combination group of Reploids that could merge to form a larger robot. The test was a success, with the galliant warrior Superion emerging from the combination. After months of great service, Jetfire was granted the promotion of Skiver's liuetenant commander and continues to serve his superior well, though Jetfire still is not sure of his role.


Jetfire is both a proud and resourceful soldier of Repliforce and is the more mature of the Jet twins. He holds great love for his friends and superior officers, as well as some scientific and strategic prowess and knowledge that often helps get his comrades an edge in battle. His incredible skill and moral values have won him respect from his peers, including his leader, Silverbolt, and commander, Skiver.




  • Jetfire is based off the Transformers character of the same name, namely his Animated and War for Cybertron incarnations.

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