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Jester of Knives, an assasian that uses knives and daggers as weapons to dispose of crooks and targeted mobians. She works for a mercernary group: Wild Card. 

Her childhood consisted of runing from her foster father (the murderer of her family) She had no childhood which is the cause of her bitterness towards the world. That was before Emperor, leader of Wild Card found her in an orphanage.


Before she had ended up on the street then the orphanage, and before she met Emperor, her name was Alice. She belonged to a family of 4, with a Mother, a Father and a a older sister. When she was born, her mother's ex fionce became bitter and angry for Alice's mother for leaving him, even though it was his fault to begin with. He traveled to her home and killed her mother, her brother and her father. He took Alice to his home and raised her badly. She had multipule chances to call the Police and Child Protective Sevices but she always got cought, beaten and tossed into either her basement or her room.

Teen Years

When she was 15 she was sneaking out during the night to train her body so she could defend her self, already she had a rough childhood, using that, her desire to become stronger burned until one day.....her foster father found her and managed to beat her again. During the next 2 years, Alice devoted her life to afterschool programs and still managed to train her body again. But this was short lived and she was beaten again. Until one day she managed to knock him out long enough to run away into the streets. This is when her spirit broke and she gave into her feelings for the first time in years "I WANT TO BE STRONGER, I WANT TO AVENGE MY FAMILY" she yelled out as she ran in the rain. That was when a man in a cloak and a big unbrella approached her and helped her on her feet. "My Child, I do not know what causes your pain and sorrow, but I see great potental in you" The man held out his hand and walked her to his car. "Who are you, and how can you help me?" Said Alice in a warm towel. "I am the leader of the mercarnary group Wild Card, my name is Emperor, Emperor of the Holy Blade. But you may call me Emperor my child." He held her like a father would his child and felt her crying in pain. " me get rid of that bastard....he killed my family and.....i could never avenge them..please help me become stronger." Emperor agreed to put Alice's foster father in place. And allowed her to finish him off.

Present Day

Now living with Emperor and the rest of the Wild Card members, Alice devoted her life to them for giving her a second chance to live her dream. Apon her 18th Birthday, the young child named Alice, the same child who had her family killed when she was a baby and was abused and tormented by thier murder for a large part of her life no longer existed. Her body was slim and curvy and was able to move faster and swifter. Her strength has improved alot over the years and can handle herself with Knives, Daggers, and other assasian weapons. She has become the Joker of the Wild Card group: Jester of Blades.

When thier methods got to be more illegal she decided to leave and presue a double carrer, as a Singer and as an Assasian.

Alice K. Lerona



Romantic Interest


Freedom, Chaos Cola, Her Knives and Daggers


Any evil, Going Beserk

Voice Actress

Jennifer Hale


Bisexual - Neutral Intrest



Jester, being the assasian of the group is very stealthy and nimble, but apart from the usual skills that assassians will have, Jester has other abalities at her disposable.

Natural Assasian Skills

  • Can Blend into Surroundings
  • Flexabality
  • Quiet Feet

Special Abilities

  • Blade Slither - While concertrating her energy, Jester can move any of her knives, daggers, etc to move on the ground, on celings, and even on walls.
  • Stun Jab - Jester has a pouch of special herbs that she can apply onto her weapons, one of these herbs, the Paranara Leaf has a special pollen that can paralyze anyone who comes in internal contact, meaning if any of the leaf's pollen is put inside a person's body, then they will be paralyzed for a short time.
  • Joker Card - To the Group's Name each one of the Wild Card members has a Special Card that they will use from time to time. Jessie being Jester uses the Joker Card. This Card allows Jester to send a discharge shocking anyone and anything electronic, once she throws it, it releases a electric charge onto/into where ever it lands. She Can also use it to disable security in an area. Stun/Taze people, etc
  • Serpant's Ring - Using the Green Nature Ring, Alice can use her slim body to slide through  tight and small passageways like a snake.

Assasian Blows

Kobra Kill - After a flurry of dagger swipes to the chest, jester uses her snake like manovers to wrap her target with her legs and tabs them with a poisoned Kunai, needle etc.







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