Jerry the Echidnahog
Jerry the Echidnahog
Jerry is the young and exuberant son of Knuckles & Amy.




Echidnahog (Hedgehog/Echidna hybrid)


Intermediate experience in martial arts and fighting, gliding, spindash

Love Interests

Sunny the Hedgehog-Seedrian


Fighting, saving the world, being with family, training, feeling good about himself, protecting Sunny


Feeling or being called weak, being tricked, failing, nothing happening, cheaters

Jerry the Echidnahog is a young fighter, and the illegitimate son of Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose. Jerry is training to become a great fighter, so he can follow in his parents' footsteps. He lives with his father and seven of his siblings on Angel Island, where he also trains with his father.


Jerry was born and raised by his father, Knuckles, to be a powerful fighter. He began being raised on Angel Island, with the rest of his siblings on Knuckles' side. Despite his father's high expectations, Jerry found minimal progress through Angel Island's riggorous training and conditions. This caused him to be looked down on by his brother, Pierce, who viewed him as a weakling. Jerry began roaming Mobius to train and slowly improve. Along the way, he met Sunny the Hedgehog-Seedrian and instantly fell in love with her.


Jerry is a very excitable and ambitious young man. He takes great pride in himself and his training, hoping to be as good as his own father and mother. Like his mother, he is a very caring individual that cares extremely about his crush, Sunny. Jerry would do anything to get her attention, as well as to help her. However, he is extremely shy around her, which can lead to very awkward situations.

Among Jerry's negatively defining traits is his guillability. Much like his father, Jerry is very easy to manipulate, making some even question his faithfulness. He also has very low self-esteem, often looking to others for help and feeling pretty down when picked on. Regardless, he can manage to bounce back fairly quickly and continuously tries to hone his craft as a fighter.





  • Jerry is Gurahk's favorite Knuckles child, and one of his favorite love children.

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