Jazz the Cat
Jazz the Cat
Jazz is a cool and hip Maverick Hunter, as well as former Repliforce saboteur.






Incredible speed, cool and smooth ninja skills, great use of grappling, and good aiming and use of firearms weapons.

Love Interests



Chillin' out, showing what he can do, dancing, hot music, hunting down the bad guys, training with X and Zero, etc.


Boring stuff, lame opponents, gullible people, cowards, letting bad guys win, murderers, overconfidence, etc.

Voice Actor

Troy Baker

Cquote1 Do it with style, or don't do it at all! Cquote2

Jazz the Cat is cool and collected Maverick Hunter, who once served in Repliforce under the command of Slash Beast. He is best known for his incredible groovy style and accent, and amazing prowess in ninja-arts and shooting.


Jazz originally signed up as a Repliforce soldier. He quickly earned his ranks into one of Slash Beast's strongest men, and one of the more experienced soldiers in Repliforce. However, Jazz learned of the original life of Repliforce and began to get more than a little worried about the possibility of a massive civil war between Repliforce and G.U.N., so he quickly left the group. After the defeat of Sigma, Jazz found some close ranks into joining the Maverick Hunters. He would gain immense trust and respect from the two senior hunters, X and Zero. He has been quite a useful and powerful ally, and has since given his Hunter comrades some strong offensive advantages.


Jazz is a more upbeat kind of Reploid that is all crazy about the cult and beliefs of regular Mobians as he is for Reploids. He enjoys laying back and cutting it a bit loose, but know when to be serious at times of needs. He has his own stylish way of battling that is far different from other Hunters.




  • Jazz is based off the Transformers character of the same name.

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