This is an article about Jayceson Avis, a character created by Tyflo.
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Jayceson Avis

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Harlequin the Finch

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Jayceson Avis




Rufous Hummingbird



Marital Status


Dominant hand

Can use both, prefers to use his left.


9th September


To be decided


Amestris, Koutei



Favourite Food


Jayce is a 21 year old Hummingbird, famous for being an actor.

Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 7/10
Attack 3/10
Spcl. Atk 8/10
Defense 7/10
Spcl. Def 9/10
Speed 9/10
Reflexes 7/10
Magic 7/10
Psyche 6/10
Intellect 7/10
Total 70/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Good
Olfactory Okay


Jayce is calm and level headed, he's normally the only one able to keep calm in dire situations. He often doesnt say his own opinions as he doesn't like to seem biased, he has a strong sense of justice but often overacts to do what he thinks is right, he has trouble keeping his emotions in check as well, and often ends up breaking down when pressure is put on him. He's often seen as a rolemodel and is very reliable as a person.


Jayce is tall and slim, He has orange feathers and a large curled crest on the top of his head, He has long hair that is slicked back, His chest is coloured white and his crest and tail have green tips on them. He's got wide and friendly eyes and a generally friendly demeanor, he wears a  V-Neck vest with a shortsleved cream jacket over the top, He has white jeans that have small rips in them around the knees, He wears designer shoes with stars around the heel, he has a very simple and minimalistic fashion sense that is rather fashionable, most of his clothes have a crown design on them, He wears headphones all the time and has a somewhat sharp beak as well.


Add your characters In the catagory they fit in, I'll put Jayce's opinion of your character.


(Haha no friend Jayce.) Neutral:

(None Yet.)

Enemies: (None Yet.)


In progress.

Strenghts and Powers:

In progress.


In progress.

Memorable Quotes:

None yet.


Jayce is Pan, His favorite colour is cream.

A rufous hummingbird is a subspecies of hummingbird that is migratory, They are genereally found around north america. Jayceson is a rare variant of Jason which means Healer or Cure, this is fitting for obvious reasons.


None yet.

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