Jangnan the Trickster is one of the members of The Kuenia Trio. She is the speed type of the 3. She was a spirit just like the other 2, who gained the ability to materialize like the others through an accidental chemical spill in the containers they were kept in back in 1853.
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Jangnan the Trickster
Jangnan the trickster
((Base used - by xXPixelated-TaintXx on deviantART)
Vital statistics
Title Kim Jangnan
Age Chronologically - 268

Physically - 14

Gender Female
Species Lorikeet
Fur/Feathers/scales Chetwode Blue
Attire Red no-lens glasses with 3 poker chips on the corners on each side, power containment necklace, white collared shirt (back of collar gone), black trousers, aquamarine shoes.
Romantic Interests None
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First Appearance  ???
Appearances  ???
American/English VA Eileen Stevens
Seiyū (Japanese VA) Kurumi Mamiya


Jangnan is very naive compared to the other members of her group. She's always up for a good laugh, but can outsmart almost every trick played on her due to her high intelligence level. Whether it's from an electric shock or a prank that she's not aware could be fatal, she loves to trick others.


Jangnan has a rather obvious ahoge, and a somewhat long tail with 5 seperate feathers. Her glasses, which are only a red frame, have 3 poker chips on the corner of each side - One red, one green and one blue. She has aquamarine shoes, with a cuff that sticks out at the side in a somewhat misformed "V" shape. She also wears a white collared shirt, despite the back of the collar not even existing. She also has black trousers and a black necklace with an aquamarine gem.


Coming soon


  • She was the first created member of the Kuenia Trio.
  • Her theme song is Rokkugo by SuperJunior-T.

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