This is an article about Jadir The Wolverine, a character created by Tyflo.

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Jadir The Wolverine

Jadir The Wolverine
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Marital Status


Favorite Colour



March 3rd




Koutei, Amestris



Favorite Food


Jad is a Short Wolverine hailing from Eurish, he lives in Koutei, Amestris.

Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 4/10
Attack 10/10
Spcl. Atk 8/10
Defense 3/10
Spcl. Def 4/10
Speed 10/10
Reflexes 10/10
Magic 8/10
Psyche 10/10
Intellect 7/10
Total 78/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Average
Hearing Terrible
Olfactory Outstanding


Jad is an average in height and stocky Wolverine with a rather menacing look about him, He has a muscular build and a large tail, his fur is brown and his hair is dyed raid, his eyes have a black outline and his tail have a black tip. His clothes are very urban, he wears a loose fitting jean-jacket, A cap that is slightly too big for him and various arm accessories as well as a neckercheif, he wears sports trainers and high socks, he does not wear trousers but does have a denim belt. His hair is greasy and very zealously gelled, the top of his hair is covered by his cap, he has a centre parting fringe and two hair points at the back of his just at the end of his hair. His hairs have what seem like bite marks taken out of them and two earings on each.


Jad is rash and reckless , he tends to run into things before thinking them through, he much prefers to act before thinking and is very focused on getting the task at hand done rather than waiting. He's also not aware of his own strength and doesn't notice the fragility of people and objects around him.He tends to act a bit agressive at times and get's angry easily, despite this he's very friendly and supportive and also is very reliable. He's got a slight speech impediment, and his pronounciation of S sounds somewhat closer to F or TH, this isn't all that pronounced so will not be typed in RPs, he often gets teased for this.  He never gets scared even in the worst of situations and tries his best to calm everyone down when people are panicing. He angers increidly easily and tends to act incredibly obsessive. He's quite serious but doesn't mind to not be serious if he has to be, he always remembers to keep everyone's anger and focus on the right things and believes confict is neccesary if something needs to improve. He has trouble conveying what he wants to say to others and always shortens words if he can, despite being rash and easy to anger he's very reassuring and honest and generally tries his best to make sure everyone's okay with something. He's been described by Honoo as "Rough but charming" And by Jayce as "Easy to get along with."


Jad was born in a small village with a large family, He lived in this village for a short period (only 2 years) before a tragic accident destroyed the who village and all of the people, Jad was severely hurt by the unknown incident and believed he was going to die, In a spur of panic he went to the forest and curled under a tree, hoping the tree would block him from the harsh winds, when suddenly a bright light came over Jad, impriting the words "Chosen of Forest" on this arm and refreshing him completely, he still has scars to this day. He traveled to a major city where he was lucky to be picked up by a Academy for Gifted childeren at the Age of 10 not for his intelligent (which was merely average.) but for his immense strength, being able to lift from up to 5x his weight with some effort, this Academy is where he met his closest friend Honoo, the two hit off great as Honoo showed him lots of things he had interests in but never experienced like Video games, Manga, Comics and Movies, to this day Honoo and him still share an unbreakable bond. At the age of 12 he was transfered to Koutei along with Honoo, this is where he met all of his good friends and also did most of his training. He was given a major role in City defences and Civil protection by Honoo (Sanctioned by the military too) and works hard, He gets a lot of time off but is technically always on the clock, to help pay the rent he and Honoo have to pay he works Part time (with Honoo) as a bouncer at an arcade they frequent, Jad is currently 14 and turning 15 soon.


Add your character's names, I'll put Jad's opinion.


Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox



Strenghts and Powers:

Jad is incredibly agile, Climbing building and moving at good speeds.

Jad's only super power is his Super strength, He is much stronger than he looks, Much stronger than a regular mobian, Though he's still working on his strength, He can lift things roughly 3 times his weight with trouble anything below he can lift rather easily.

Jad is a good combatant, Being good at attacking and defending

Jad is very good with music, hes a musician, and even uses a Guitar as a weapon, He also plays guitar and is a Great singer.

Jad is very good at making things, He can Build well and Craft well.

Jad has been shown to be able to use Nature-Spells, Things like Invisibility, Vines and Drain, though he's very poor at this and hasn't got enough energy to do it commonly.

Not only is Jad a strong physical fighter he also can use his guitar to aid his allies, With moves like Harmonious Song, That aids his allies working like a healing spell or Sharpness ballad, Which acts like an Attack boost, And other simmilar moves. 

His class is described as Bard most of the time, though when fighting he does far more attacking than the normal bard, and is very offensive. His fighting style is very brawl like, and he uses grapples and cheap tactics a lot, like shots to the eyes. He picks up and throws his opponents a lot.


Jad is a very agressive person, And well get in fights for no reason.

Jad absolutely hates Cold weather.

He often Underestimates himself and won't realise what hes good at.

Jad is a very brave person, this can get the better of him, Very often.

He cant fight long range, Or use that many weapons in melee.

Jad is very fraile, He cannot take many hits before getting hurt, He is also not incredibly perserverant. He makes up for his low defence by being remarkably strong and offensively capable up close though


"Thwiggity Thwag my name is Jad" - Suggested by 3K, He will NEVER say it.


Jad is a Peices.

Jadir means to be entitled, it's an uncommon arab name and reflects how he's not unwilling to take whatever he's given.

Swiggity Swag His name is Jad

A wolverine is a type of weasel that is found near the Arctic and in cold areas.


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