This page will cover JT's Chillverse 2.0 counterpart, if you're looking for his Chillverse 1.0 counterpart, try JT the Androhog (Chillverse 1.0).

JT is an anthropomorphic green "androhog", he is a character by SS3K.


In terms of personality, JT is very stoic but also rather arrogant and downbringing. JT will say whatever he needs to, or whatever is on his mind, because of that, JT is considered incredibly blunt. In speech, JT speaks with a slight slang and "cowboy slang/lingo" is an integral part of his vocabulary.

JT is a bartender, so he has to deal with drunks a lot. Because of this, he can be incredibly gruff and threatening to others.

JT is also a loner, though he has some sort of past vestige with Falco the Eagle and Sparks. JT genuinely does not consider much people friends because he refuses to get close to anyone. JT would ally with someone or a group, but would often make wise-cracks and insults towards what he considers the "belatedness" of his temporary teammates.


Unlike his original counterpart, very little is known about what JT used to do before he was a bartender, besides being the victor of the first annual Legacy -Battlers tournament, but that publicity faded away as the next one came along, which was won by someone else. However, it's implied that he has connections with two mysterious players in Chillverse 2.0, Falco and Sparks.

JT was also the temporary owner of the Celestial Crystal of the Emerald containing Spirit of the Air: Alisaerias. But it was given to someone else for their good deeds.


  • Despite not being the fit picture, JT follows the Neo Geo and owns several games for his own Neo Geo.

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