Italic the Wolf is a tall, slender, womanizing wolf who spends more time taunting his enemies than actually fighting them. He is not above using his charm to get his way when against females. When fighting against males, he provokes them by taunting them, but sometimes, they surprise him by attacking when he least expects it. His best friends are Bold the Echidna and Underline the Bear.

Italic, the deceptive womanizer
Age 21
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Description Tall, long legs, gray fur and slender yet muscular build
  • Suit and tie
  • Top Hat
  • Black dress pants
  • Black shoes
Relatives Unknown
  • Phony fighter (By his enemies)
  • Italic Dude (By Bold and Underline)
  • The Wolf Dancer (By himself)
  • Moron (By Bold)
  • Da Boss (By Underline)
Quotes "Ah, what a lovely lady you are. Surely you would like to stop fighting and get together sometime, now, wouldn't you?"
Affiliations The Text Team
  • Bold the Echidna
  • Underline the Bear
Romantic Interests Any attractive girl he meets
Main Enemies No enemies
Weaponry No weapons
Abilities No true abilities
Theme(s) Like a record
Super Forms No super forms
Ability Type Unknown
Alter Egos Reverse Italic the Flow

Relationships with girls he meets

One of the main aspects of Italic is that he tends to womanize every female he meets. In the doing of this, he winks, addresses them formally, and asks them on dates. If they already have boyfriends, he just fights them and doesn't care. One time, he went so far that he completely subdued a woman, and he was almost jailed for assault against a woman outside of a battlefield.

Interactions with friends

Bold and Underline are his friends, and they seem to have bonded to him so much that Italic doesn't care if they call him "master" or not. Italic, being slightly a coward, usually has Bold and Underline attack first in a battle, because they are stronger. If they are defeated, he will battle and occasionally win.

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