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  1. Trollface
  2. Y U NO
  3. King Leonidas
  4. Derpina
  5. Forever Alone
  6. Gangster Baby
  7. STFU
  8. Drunken Baby
  9. The Most Intresting Man in the World
  10. Reggie-Fils
  11. Weegee


  1. Chuck Norris (Only Playable in Single Player Modes) Unlock by Getting a Bruce Lee outfit and Beating him with it. beating him in Chuck Norris Difficulity Mode Like Good Luck Kid
  2. Nyan Cat- Unlock by beating Derpina's Story on OMFGWTFTHISISHARD Difficulity
  3. Grumpy Cat - Unlock by Unlocking Nyan Cat, going on survival and lose like 1000 time bro..


Meme Color Background

You know those backgrounds for the meme pictures? Well We've made that onto a stage, its very basic and pretty much Small but. It does have a changeing foothold pattern.



Trololololo - Trollface's hea becomes the back ground and his mouth opens up inhaling every fighter on the screen while the Trlololo Song Plays


King Leonidas

Spartain Kick - Leonidas shouts "This is spartaa!!" Before kicking whoever is in front of him away, once they hit an object they are knocked out, if they hit another player, both players are knocked out.

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