Ilexia Celebi
Ilexia Celebi
Ilexia Celebi is a Maverick based off Celebi.





Love Interests

Austin Colteo


Learning Mobian culture, fruit, delicious food, night on the town, being free, etc.


Unreasonable deaths, feeling worthless, being misjudged, slavery, etc.

Ilexia Celebi is one of the many Mavericks created through Project Predacon, based on the mystical Pocket Monster (Pokemon) creatures. In Ilexia's case, she's based off the legendary Celebi, hence her own name. Ilexia is a tough Maverick to judge from looks, due to her love of Mobian culture, which has bothered both her comrades and superiors. However, when the situation calls for decisive action and strength, Ilexia makes up for in her Psychic powers and time abilities.


Ilexia Celebi was cloned with a physical specimen of Celebi, which Twilight Buttercup, Burnin' Kitsune, Slash Beast, Wire Sponge, and Petal Blossom captured during their expedition in the Mystic Ruins' Lost Temple. Using it, Twilight and Shockwave were able to clone it's DNA into a Maverick Predacon warrior. Shortly after activation and being released, Ilexia found an incredible fascination in Mobian culture and lifestyle. When not destroying Repliforce armies, she often flew around the world to learn new things about Mobians, who were surprised at her kind hospitality and curiosity.


Ilexia Celebi is mostly a fun-having Maverick that found Mobian culture and lifestyle to be most fascinating. It was because of this mindset and behavior of her original counterpart that made her quite easy-going and one of the most difficult Mavericks to see through. Despite being seemingly undisciplined and being rough around the edges, Ilexia always puts personal feelings aside when on the battlefield, regardless of opponent.

Abilities & Powers


Being based off Celebi, Ilexia Celebi is able to have incredible elemental powers of Psychic and Grass, in addition to time travel abilities and the ability to reinstill life into almost anything. She possesses limited resurrection abilities, but has not yet learned to truly master them. Ilexia can also levitate in the air and make for speedy travels. Some of her most notable abilities include: Magical Leaf, Psychic, Psybeam, Dazzling Gleam, Heal Bell, Leech Seed, Leaf Storm, Ancient Power, Solar Beam, Energy Ball, Dream Eater, and Hold Back. Ilexia is resistant to the attacks and weapons of the Psychic, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Water, and Electric types of battle, but is very weak to the Flying, Poison, Dark, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Bug types.




  • Ilexia Celebi is named after the Ilex Forest, a location in the Johto Region of the Pokemon universe and the main home of Celebi the Japanese version of Pokemon Crystal.

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