I the Hedgehog
I the Hedgehog -Neutr form-
I is an enigmatic Reploid created by Gate and Alia the Hedgehogs








Maverick Hunters


X the Hedgehog(as a sibling), her friends


Evil in general

I the Hedgehog is an enigmatic Reploid that was purely derived from X's data created by the joint effort of Gate and Alia the Hedgehogs. While X the Hedgehog was created to have infinite potential, I has what "infinity" doesn't cover, the nonreality. However, she was also created from the design of X's evil doppleganger, also created by Gate, Copy-X.


Creation as Copy-X

Gate and his new "apprentice", Vile stole the copied data of X during battle and left him for dead in an alleyway. Using the data, Gate created Copy-X and used him to wreak havoc on the world and tarnish X's reputation. Many of the more gullible believed X had indeed gone Maverick, and even fooling some of the Maverick Hunters initially. However, at Abel City Hall, he was confronted by the real X, now fully healed and the battle was broadcast worldwide. Copy-X gave some trouble to X, but with the help of his new X-Saber, X was able to fight back and his reputation was saved. Copy-X still had an edge, however, but as he was about to activates his Ultimate Armor, it began backfiring explosivly, due in part to Vile stealing the armor and replacing it with a powerless duplicate. Taking this oppertunity, X unleashed his Nova Armor and finished his dopplegangar.

Rebirth as I

After Gate was defeated and reformed, he and Alia took some of Copy-X's components and reformatted him into a young, naive, female reploid named I. As I, she has no memories or recollection of her time as Copy-X, and was extremely shy during initially meeting her fellow teammates. X now saw her not as a dopplegangar of him, but rather than a little sister. Cut Man grew an immense crush on her as well, while Zero saw her as a free-loader.

Operation on Giga City

I was very seldom allowed to go on missions, mostly because of X's worry that she wouldn't be ready and surely be severly hurt. As such, she was only allowed to participate in training sessions at the base. Her big break finally arrived when Colonel and Colonel Redips asked the Maverick Hunters to help quell the Rebellion Army, who was running ruthshot on Giga City. Against X's protests, Signas sent I and Commander Yammark to handle the situation, accompanied by Repliforce soldier Breaker.

When they hit the Lagrano Ruins, I got separated from the duo and was forced to fend for herself and found a bit of difficulty in actual combat. Afetr a short while, she was joined by rogue "Maverick" Layer and eventually confronted Vile, where they once again got separated from Yammark. As the rendezvous'd with Breaker, they met the Rebellion Commander, Epsilon, and two cadres, Ferham and Scarface. Breaker then revealed that she had secretly made a deal with Epsilon to join the Rebellion.

With little choice left, I and Layer retreated and wound up at Central Tower, now controlled by Rebellion soldier, Wild Jango, where they had both Alia and Iris captive. What's more, she now had a county on her head and being chased by the bounty huntress Poker. However, she quickly gained an ally in her after showing an ID received from Layer's sister, Pallette, that once belonged to Poker's former lover. Together, they liberated the tower from the Rebellion.

Iris quickly took over as full commander of the mission, while I was appointed as combat leader. I would continue to grow stronger as she defeated many Mavericks within the Rebellion and gaining new allies, including the newer incarnation of Iron Maxxima, electro-magnetic spunky fighter Nutra Millipede, Repliforce soldiers Arcee and Sari, renowned thief Marino, and the time-based Force Metal Generator Geneva, as well as reuniting with Yammark and rescuing a distraught and tortured Nana. They also received an ally in Dr. Izzy Glow.

As I and her allies kept battling, they kept growing stronger and I became a more reliable and competant hunter in the process, never wishing to give up, while still retaining the values taught by Zero and her brother X. As they continued, they encountered Breaker again, who was armed with a new Supra-Force Metal, a substance which is a powered-up version of Force Metal. They witnessed its  power, when Breaker easily subdued them, only ablle to escape when Vile showed up to take down Breaker. The girls eventually recovered a fragment of Supra-Force Metal from Rebellion Cadre Botos.

Travelling to the Melda Ore Plant to find more answers about what the Rebellion plans to do, they are shocked to discover the Rebellion plans to use the Supra-Force Metal to power a missile that would turn every Reploid in the Norther Hemisphere into Mavericks. As they fought through, defeating Ferham and neutralizing Botos, they found Vile had stolen all the Metal for himself. With the plans seemingly crushed, I and her allies travelled to the Rebellion's base in the Grave Ruins to finish them. After dealing with multiple threats and tests, the girls met Epsilon, who unveiled his brother Sigma--who was believed to have perished at the hands of X--was alive and well, and Botos was a spy for him.

Betrayal and Battling Redips

Epsilon quietly turned himself in, and the mission was over. Although initially glad her work was over, I's satisfaction quickly turned to sorrow for having to leave her new friends. As they went to be picked up, however, Redips' "cargo ship" ambushed them and nearly killed Iris, revealing that the whole operation was a simple manipulation on Redips' part so he could gain the Rebellion Army's Supra-Force Metal and rule over the entire universe. I and the girls barely evaded death with thansk to Repliforce's Air Force Unit.

I led her allies to the Far East HQ to stop Redips, dealing with Ground Man and the Eight Sons of Wily, the latter of whom had attacked the base and narrowly beaten Freeze Man and his platoon. The girls defeated them all, and Metal Man was arrested. During the battle with Redips, he proved to be tough opponent with the Supra-Force Metal and combat skills. Though he was beaten, he retreated to the Space Station Babel, where he used the Supra-Force Metal to transform into Great Redips. He was nearly unstoppable, but with an unexpected assist from Vile, the girls removed the Supra-Force Metal fragments, allowing I to finish him with her new Spectra Armor.

Promotion to Higher Ranks

With her mission now completely successful, I was given further confidence and merit as a hunter. She was promoted to Rank AB and given command of her own Femme Fatale Squad, consisting of her new friends. X was also extremely proud of her.


As Copy-X, he was sadistic and simply everything what a Maverick X would be. Power-hungry, angry, and unrelenting.

As I, she is extremely naive and innocent. She can't stand it when friends are harmed, especially X, who is essentially a brother to her.


I has two forms she can access, which allow her to slightly specialize in defense or offense. Her special abilities from the VWS, obtained from X's design, also vary with the forms, many being nonattacking, others being contrary to the favoritism of the form.

Ajout form

This form has slightly more defensive aspects, as well as some regenerative capability. Certain abilities will be either regenerative, teleportation, or defensive.

Soust form

This form slightly favors more offensive aspects, as well as some being able to drain opponents of energy. Certian abilities will either be draining, cloaking, or offensive.

Spectra Armor

This is I's ultimate armor, similar to X's Nova Armor. She first unleashed this form during the final battle with Redips. Her armor is red and blue and she has two busters and when charged up, she unleashed two powerful beams.

Special Weapons

She is able to switch between these forms at will, and uses abilities that Copy-X had, listed below (Note: Some are exclusive to a specific form):

Yammar Option

(A): Robotic dragonflies orbit I and occasionally attack enemies.

(S): Robotic dragonflies orbit I and attack all nearby enemies when approached.

Metal Anchor

(A): I throws an anchor at opponents that has a richochet effect.

(S): I sends several large metal arrows fly down.

Guard Shell

(A): Creates an energy barrier in front of I.

(S): Creates scalop shells that are able to shoot.

Ice Burst

(A): I shoots a tri-shot, the middle one becomes an ice block to stand on.

(S): I glows, and when dashing, icicles shoot out from her body.

Meteor Rain (A)

(A): I shoots a water orb up, and a dozen orbs rain down from above.

Magma Blade (S)

(S): Several large waves of fire erupt from I's body.

Ground Dash (A)

(A): I throws a giant boulder at enemies.

Ray Arrow (S)

(S): Beams of light rise from below, around I, and destroys enemies that make contact.

Rolling Cutter

(S): Spinning cutting weapons are fired in any direction, which can ricochet off walls.

(A): Several cutters spin around her for protection and go in a boomerang style towards opponents depending on position when fired.

Ice Slasher

(S): Shoots several wide and powerful icicle-like projectiles.

(A): Fires an icy wind-like beam that freezes anything.

Fire Storm

(S): I shoots a long powerful flamethrower at her opponents

(A): Two fire spheres circle around her for protection, which she can use to throw at opponents anytime.

Oil Slider

(S): I creates an oil-based surfboard that she can ride on with great speed to smash through enemies.

(A): I creates an oil-based surfboard that she can ride on with great control to smash through enemies.

Thunder Beam (S)

(S): Shoots an electric wave that can fire in at least three directions and deal great damage to targets.

Time Slow (A)

(A): Temporarily slows down time in a limited area space.

Hyper Bomb (S)

(S): Fires a powerful bomb that explodes on contact.

Super Arm (A)

(A): Gives I great power, using her fists for both offense and defense

Volt Slasher

(S): Fast, multi-target/strike electric attack

(A): Boomerang and paralysis electric attack

Pressure Blaster

(S): Powerful stream of water

(A): Widespread, confusion inducing water bursts

Burning Jet

(S): Jet of high-heat, fire attack

(A): Close-range immobilization and fire attack

Sadistic Insanity (S)

(S): High-damage blast causing residual damage

Chrome Blast

(S): High damaging and stun-inducing fire, water, or electric attack

(A): Can cause confusion, burn, or paralysis with respective elemental attack

Battle Presto (S)

(S): Fast triple shot, breaks through heavy armor

Cold Touch (A)

(A): Impalement with large icicles

Plasma Shock (A)

(A): Anti-air electric attack that causes paralysis

Magnet Mine

(S): Fires a mine that sticks to any wall or terrain and explodes on contact

(A): Fires a slow moving black hole that slightly damages enemies, but can difficult to control

Speed Burner

(S): Two intertwined flames are shot in a straight pattern.

(A): I is surrounded in a fiery blaze and dashes forward, damaging and destroying all enemies in her path.

Shadow Blade

(S): I throws a few shurikens at any direction to hit targets.

(A): A large shuriken is used as a barrier and melee weapon.

Knight Crush

(S): Shoots a spiked ball that after a certain distance, moves in an arch and boomerangs back.

(A): I spins around with a flail and hits anything that comes in contact. She cannot do this for long, however, or else she gets dizzy.

Ring Boomerang (A)

(A): Shoots a sort of ring-based weapon with short range, but can also grab unreachable items.

Gemini Laser (S)

(S): Fires a laser that can ricochet off walls at a 45 degree angle.

Air Shooter

(S): Shoots a stream of air at incoming opponents.

(A): Fires an upward tornado.

Atomic Fire

(S): A chargable fireball attack that increases in power and range when its energy is focused longer.

(A): Small fire towers are shot around I or towards enemies.

Quick Boomerang

(S): Fires a v-shaped projectile that goes in one single direction before hitting its target.

(A): Flings boomerangs at enemies that ricochet back to I after a while.

Bubble Lead

(S): Shoots a powerful bubble projectile at enemies.

(A): A protective bubble surrounds I and protects her until hit by a large attack or tough enemy.

Crash Bomber (S)

(S): A drill-based bomb that sticks to any wall, surface, or target it hits and explodes after a couple seconds.

Leaf Shield (A)

(A): A barrier of several leaves is put up and can be flung at enemies when moved forcefully by I.

Metal Blade (S)

(S): I throws powerful ceratanium projectiles at any direction.

Time Stopper (A)

(A): Freezes time for a prolonged period.






  • Unlike most other characters in the Maverick Hunter X continuity, she is not based off of a character in the Mega Man X series, or any Mega Man series for that matter.
  • Her abilities are based upon a game mechanic in the game Ikaruga
  • "I" is supposed to represent the letter "i" in mathematics, which is used for sqrt(-1), effectively, imaginary numbers
  • Both Cut Man and (pressumably) Vortex have a big crush on her, but she is completely oblivious to this, as she is still naive and mentally young, and therefore, does not fully understand the concepts of love and friendship quite yet.

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