Evil of the Blacklust Clan

Rebel Against The Great Kikaru Rose

The Blacklust Clan is a family made out of Demons who used to be good but now evil. They use each other's abilities to get what they want when they want it. The Leader, Rose, is one of these Crewl Demons, She used to be cheerful, loved everyone and was there for her friends. Until Her Secret was found out. One Day she sent half of her clan to Attempt an assoniation of a beloved King of Icelia.Monroe who used to be in their clan barely escaped when he rebelled during the attack on the Kingdom. He hid from the clan until it was safe for him to attack it, when his energy was restored. And to Make Shure Rose would fall at his feet, he became a Soura, an ancient warrior race, Rival to the Sayians,

Monroe's Brainwashing

Monroe defeated Rose and threw her body into the Pit of Fire along with her generals, Gisselle, Shu, Shan, Star Bear, and Vampi. 3 Years later The Blacklust Clan retuned to enslave the Soulra Race. Monroe lost his family to Rose and her flunkies and challenged her to a battle but in the end he was knocked out and was later brainwashed by Gisselle and Shu.

Monroe vs The Blacklust Clan

The victory and ownership of Monroe was short lived however. Monroe was ambushed on a trip back to the Clan to report a suscussful victory.  During the battle, he recieved a head injury, he regained his memory and hatered of the Blacklust Clan. He destroyed Rose's Generals and even Her Entire Clan in a fit of rage. Until there was only her small hand full left. In the End Monroe Challenged Kikaru and Fought his way though on his own and managed to mortaly wound Kikaru.

Kikaru's wound however was proven to be fatal, eventualy she died but not before having her child transported to Mobius to keep the clan alive. She then put herself in a containment capsule and launched herself  onto mobius to hide her body from her enemies, as to make it look like she went into hiding, and to keep herself alive.

Future of the Blacklust Clan

Birth of Lord Blacklust

Battles with Junior the Hedgehog

Kikaru's Revenge

Byrnette, the New Queen 

True Face of the Blacklust Clan

Clensing of the Clan

A Princess is Born

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