Cquote1 "I may not be a hero, but at least I act like one." Cquote2

He may not be a hero, but at least he's caring for others. Meet Hectic, a seventeen-year old boy who in the midst of danger, will find a way to fix it.

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Hectic's Current Design

Hectic "Celeste"
57 kg
Neutral Good
Ability type


Hectic is a non-talkative type. He is mostly silent and obedient all of the time, and out of all of that, is extremely shy around girls. But to protect his true emotions, he tries to act tough all of the time. But, his emotions are shown through his eye color.

Blue: Normal

Yellow: Mad

Green: Serious

Brown: Worry

However, when his eyes are yellow, it's not only his eyes that are changing; it's himself....


A demon that is part of Hectic's body. He is Hectic's best friend and a great companion. His powers mostly rely on the use of umbrakinesis, but while having the use of Hectic's powers, he can greatly surpass his normal power. But although, he can get a little unstable when in possession of Hectic's body for too long.


The Birth Of A Demon

Hectic was abandoned at the start, a horrible start for a child at the age of five. As the time past by, so did his need for a family that would actually keep him instead of throwing him out after days. It was the saddest childhood for him, but it was about to become more horrible. One dark night in the forest, Hectic was mistakenly considered an animal because of his ragged fur from afar, and was shot until proclaimed dead. He laid dead for days, his big, pleading, dead eyes facing the trees.

Weeks after his death, a group of hooded figures took his body to a cave. Their purpose for bringing his body there was to see of they could resurrect a spirit into the uninhabited body. As they were in the process of doing so, Hectic's spirit was coming, but right behind him, there was apparently a demon who was also in the mood for possessing a body. Both spirit and demon came at the exact same time towards the body, leaving Hectic's body with another inhabitation to deal with. After that, the hooded figures putt Hectic out of the cave the next day. Slowly, Hectic and the demon became best friends, and after that day, Hectic never had to worry about being alone again.


Hectic only has the fewest of abilities, but they can prove quite helpful in life for him.

Umbrakinesis: One of Hectic's abilities/powers. This power gives him the power to manipulate and control dark energy, which can prove quite helpful in battle. However, in battle, he must balance out the usage of this power, for it can lead to exhaustion or can lead to him losing his sanity.

Photokinesis: Another one of Hectic's abilities/powers. This allows him to manipulate and bend light at his will. This ability for him is useful if he wants to escape a battle.

Superior Strength: Another one of Hectic's abilities. He is able to release strength more stronger than others. Of course, this does not affect any of his darkness and light manipulative powers, but this does make him feel more better than others.

Regeneration: Hectic's last power. Thanks to the darkness and light in his body, he is able to heal from hard blows on the body to tampered body parts.

Special Moves

God's Fist Of Wrath: This is one of Hectic's special attacks. He does a random feat of kicks and then uppercuts his opponent into the air, only then launching himself into the air and charging up his fist with enough light, and dark energy like the Big Bang to do one final punch, launching his opponent all the way to the ground, creating a large crater.

Shadow Camouflage: Hectic will have the ability to morph with a shadow and look exactly like it. When doing this technique, he doesn't have the ability to talk; he can only see and hear. He mostly uses this technique for a use of evasion or stealth in battle.
Imagine Dragons - Demons Lyrics03:13

Imagine Dragons - Demons Lyrics

Hectic's Theme Song.


Highlight Hectic: Hectic unlocks the light energy that is inside of him and can turn half-super, as green aura will be seen covering his body's outer appearance.


Sanity: One of his weaknesses. If he goes past the limit of which he can control his umbrakinesis, he will lose his cool and immediately transform into Hec-DEAD.

Amnesia: Not being able to remember most stuff, this can lead to a disadvantage for his life.


Celestial Star Amulet: The only thing that Hectic truly remembers throughout his sad childhood. What Hectic does know about it, though, is that it possesses the light energy that he can manipulate. Although, he does not know its true origins...

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