Heat Man
Heat Man
Heat Man is a pimpin' and fiery Robot Master, and one of the Eight Sons of Wily.




Hedgehog-Reploid (formerly humanoid-Robot Master)

Love Interests



Hot girls, burning, fires, things that are hot, etc.


Cold, rain, windy things, gasoline, gunpowder, things that are "cool", etc.

Heat Man is a pyromaniacal Robot Master created by Dr. Wily, remodelled into a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog. He is one of the "Eight Sons of Wily" and one of the most unstable of the group, constantly burning things, making cheap heat puns, and hitting on hot girls.


During his second attempt to conquer teh world and destroy Mega Man, Dr. Wily created eight powerful Robot Masters of his own. One of these new robots was Heat Man, made using Fire Man as a base and in the body of a cigarette lighter. However, Heat Man and his seven brothers were defeated by Mega Man and Dr. Wily's plans were foiled.

After this, Heat Man was constantly mocked for his failure and his design, but still tried to fit in with the fire-based Robot Masters. Everytime he was called up for revenge on Mega Man, however, it always ended in disaster and failed. Heat Man was later sealed away in a warehouse with the other Robot Masters after he was deemed useless. A portal to this place was unintentionally discovered by Gate, who was amazed at what he was seeing. Impressed and eager to try this technology out, he stole all of the Robot Masters and technology made by Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack and redid them all to fit his time and place.

When Heat Man and his brothers awoke, they were surprised at what happened to them and where they ended up, but also extremely pleased. With new enhancements and free wills, they formed the "Eight Sons of Wily", who cause trouble for Mobius, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, and more specifically, the Maverick Hunter X, who they originally mistake as their bitter rival Mega Man.


Heat Man is one of the more unstable Robot Masters, and is a pyromaniac. He has mostly a one-tracked mind of burning everything and loving everything hot. He even has a tendency to use almost nothing but fire and heat puns, which can sometimes even annoy his own brothers. Heat Man is also a big flirt and pimp, able to woo many ladies in spite of his unstable mind.

Powers and Abilities

Heat Man's signature weapon is Atomic Fire. He is able to shoot flame towers and fireballs at his opponents from either his hands or mouth, asd well as do other devastating fire attacks, mostly related to melee. Heat Man is also able to control the temperature of his attacks at will, and he can also surround himself in fire and do some sort of charging tackle, for even more devastating damage than one to think. In addition, Heat Man is immune to all fire and explosive-based attacks and will grow stronger and replenish health if hit by one.

Like all of the other Robot Masters, Heat Man cannot be completely killed. Even if he is defeated or destroyed in battle, it is possible to rebuild him, so long as one has the necessary parts and equiptment.






  • The pimp gimmick for Heat Man stems from his Hyadain remix, which depicts him as a lustful person with very suggestive behavior to an unknown girl.
  • Heat Man prefers this new look over his old one, as his old body was him as a cigarette lighter, to which he was mocked for.
  • It is technically possible for Heat Man to be damaged by fire and explosion attacks, but perfect timing and precision are required to do so. Even when it hits, however, it only does minimal damage at best.
  • Heat Man's maximum temperature is 12,000 degrees Celsius. This is hotter than the Earth's core (and presumably Mobius' core) and the Sun's surface. However, this type of heat is more closer to plasma, as normal fire cannot reach temperatures that high.

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