Guts Man
Guts Man
Guts Man is a strong and talented Robot Master that wields teh Super Arm.


Robot Master/Reploid

Model No.


Special Weapon

Super Arm

Love Interests



Kareoke, getting work done, potentially promising projects, helping out, etc.


Arguements, reasoning, easy or pointless work, harmful accidents, etc.

Voice Actor

Tommy James

Guts Man is a Robot Master from the Mega Man series that namely exists in Gurahk and Zeke's shared timelines. He first appeared in the original Mega Man game as a boss and has since become one of the more recognizable Robot Masters in the series. Guts Man is now owned by Sonicstar3000 in the result of an adoption.


In the year 20XX on the planet Earth, Guts Man was originally created by Dr. Thomas Light as an excavation and construction robot taht, along with Bomb Man, would help out humans in construction projects that were considered too dangerous for normal people to handle. However, Guts Man was reprogrammed by Dr. Albert Wily to help him conquer the world. He was later defeated and freed of Wily's control by his friend Mega Man. Afterwards, Guts Man returned to his normal construction duties until he was deemed obsolete and was sealed away in a warehouse with the rest of the other Robot Masters.

Some twenty or so years later, the Helperoid Gate unintentionally discovered a portal which lead to the Earth and the warehouse where the Robot Masters were being held. He was amazed and impressed by how they were made and designed, far beyond even his own time. Gate took all teh Robot Masters and technology that Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, and Dr. Cossack had developed and returned them to his own world. There, he reincarnated the Robot Masters as full-fledged Reploids and allowed them to live freely on their new home.

Since then, Guts Man and his "true brothers" have been helping out teh Maverick Hunters and prove their worth, even trying to enlist to become ones themselves.


Guts Man originally appeared in the first Mega Man game on the NES in 1987. A boss character named the Guts Dozer appeared in the official sequel, Mega Man 2 and another one named Guts Man G in Mega Man 7. Guts Man also appeared in the racing game Mega Man: Battle & Chase, as well as the fighting games Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. He makes a short cameo in the opening of Mega Man 8, and is a playable boss in Mega Man Powered Up, a remake of teh original game on the PSP, if defeated using only the Mega Buster.


Though he may seem rough, tough, and very strict in terms of his work schedule and demeanor, Guts Man is actually very sentimental and can get emotional at times, but he is also very impatient at times. Guts Man has a great love for kareoke, as his brothers know very well.


Guts Man's special "weapon" is the Super Arm, which is essensially his brute strength. He is able to create boulders and chuck them at enemies. He can lift rocks that weigh up to 2 tons,a nd smash through things that seem too tough for one to handle. When X uses the Super Arm like normal, his buster hits the ground, sending a few stalagtites at the path for a few feet. When charged up, X creates a massive quake and many spiked rocks around him that deals great damage to anyone within a close proximity.

Guts Man is very weak and vulnerable to explosive type weaponry.






  • Guts Man's love of kareoke is shared with Splash Woman.
  • Guts Man's helmet resembles that of a Met, a recurring enemy in the Mega Man series that is also somewhat of a construction robot.
  • Guts Man was adopted by Sonicstar3000 in the result of an adoption on the Robot Masters Adoptions page

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