Griogair the Magihog

Biographical Information
Age 18
Relatives None
Alias Gregory (Everybody he knows)
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male

Green Fur

Green Eyes

Peach colored Arms


Black Undershirt

Black Overcoat

Grey Jeans

Black Shoes

Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Good
Weaponry Sword and Staves
Abilities Magic, Mainly Earth
Super Forms Shining Griogair
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator


Griogair is one of my two Fursona's. Where Isaiah is my lighter side, Griogair is my earthly side. He still has the same traits, a loving friendship and trustworthyness, along with helpful to others and trying to be a good leader, but Isaiah I was just using my imagination. In any case, Griogair is my Fursona. He is kind and helpful to those who need it. Also he sometimes has the helpful ability to comfort those in pain or sorrow, although it sometimes isn't very thanked. He owns the ability of magic, although his main veiw of it is earthen techniques, he tends to use everything possible in his spell book. At any rate, he is a very joyful character with much to be happy for. He can always see the good side of life.


Griogair really doesn't have a past. All he remembers is that he woke up one day and found himself in a random field, being awoken by a young Mobian girl. Although it first freaked him out, he came to enjoy this world and the new skills he had learned.

At his age of fifteen, he had just begun learning Magi, when he was approached by a strange man by the name of Isaiah. They talked, and finally, Isaiah figured out that Griogair was the human that Isaiah was connected to on earth.

It turns out that Isaiah had been jumping into Griogair's body at random times of his life, to be a sort of helper for Griogair. But when Isaiah's Angelic core exploded, Griogair was transported to Mobius. At the time Griogair was transported, he was only thirteen. Isaiah was then revived a month later, but Griogair stayed for some reason that neither of them could understand.

After this long talk, Griogair decided to join Isaiah and his friends, becoming a useful ally. Isaiah decided to rename Griogair to Gregor, since the other name was quite difficult for Geo to pronounce. For the next two years, Gregor and the others traveled and fought together, till the day finally came for war to strike. They will be ready.


  • Well, this is interesting.
  • You guys do some of the craziest things.
  • Hey, how about you guys tone it down some so I can concentrate?
  • I bow to no man.
  • I can absolutely obliterate you with my earthen strength, so I gotta ask you one question. Are you feelin' lucky? Punk?
  • I am here, because I want to fix what I couldn't on Earth.

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