Gohan the Hedgehog
Gohan the Hedgehog
Gohan is Axl's adopted brother and youngest Red Alert member.






Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Axl the Fox (adopted brother)

Love Interests

Viabelle the Cat


Fighting, proving himself, training, girls, spending time with Axl, etc.


Dodging, being weak, fighting girls, getting nervous, feeling worthless, etc.

Voice Actress

Colleen Clinkenbeard

Gohan the Hedgehog is a young orphan that was adopted as a younger brother of Axl the Fox, to be a member of Red Alert after Axl took over as leader. A proud young man with much experience in fighting and martial arts, he looks up to his older brother as a rolemodel and has also been trained by Zero and Vile.


Gohan was raised under the roof of two polite parents. His father was a Reploid hero and famous martial artist that he idolized and wished to be just like, but his mother wanted him to be a scholar. Though he lived up to her needs, Gohan also trained himself in his own martial arts style. One day, Red Alert came to his home at Giga City and killed his parents, with Gohan being the only survivor. After this, he survived as an orphan in Giga City until he was saved by Axl from another attack by Red Alert. Seeing his potential for battle and not wanting to leave him alone, Axl took him up as a younger brother.


Gohan is a very kind and understanding young man, that was grown up to be most proper and intelligent. As such, he has a great intelligence, making him the smartest member of Red Alert. He is rather reckless, though, feeling he can do anything on his own and doesn't liek to be held down. This leads to him making fatal mistakes, such as attacking Copy-Vile head on or trying to train at 40 times Mobius' normal gravity. Gohan is also rather shy when it comes to girls, and he gets rather nervous around them and refuses to fight them as well.

Abilities and Powers

Gohan has a well-versed style and experience in Reploid Martial Arts, self-trained from watching his father, as well as a strategic mind from his times studying before being orphaned. As a part of this, he has learned to master his Ki energy in matter, making him capable of flight and energy-based attacks, such as the Kamehameha Wave, Masenko, Soaring Dragon Strike, Kaioken, and Makenkosappo. However, his major flaw in and out of combat is his inability to dodge or avoid attacks, even when he has enough time to do so.



Original Counterpart

Main Article: Gohan

Gohan is a major and main character in the Dragon Ball Z anime and manga whose involvement stems from the original Saiyan Saga. The son of Goku and Chi-Chi, he was brought up to be a polite boy whom his mother wanted to become a scholar for, though many encounters with evil forced him to take battle.

After his father was killed trying to save his son, Gohan was brought up by Piccolo, who trained him to combat the Saiyans and incidentally sacrificed his life to save Gohan's life from the Saiyans. Throughout the first few arcs, Gohan's magnificant power was briefly shown in parts whenever he was extremely angry, which all came to a head when he faced Cell. After Cell destroyed Android 16, Gohan's anger reached a peak when he became a Super Saiyan 2 and defeated Cell, though Mr. Satan took the credit.

Gohan's power began to increase during the Buu Saga, when he unleashed his ultimate potential with help from the Elder Kai to become Ultimate Gohan. It was also during this arc that he developed the superhero persona of the Great Saiyaman and met Mr. Satan's daughter, Videl, who he fell in love with and eventually married at the close of the series.


  • Gohan uses several notable gags from TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged series and most notable his DBZA counterpart, such as using long and fancy terms (and being called a nerd for it) and being unable to dodge attacks.

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