Gill the Thief
Gill the Thief
Gill is the immature yet resourceful member of the Light Warriors






Very swift and nimble, very sneaky and resourceful, excellent user of small swords and knives, but cannot use magic.

Love Interests



Gold, treasure, valuables, girls, showing off, kicking ass, etc.


Being left out, leaving empty-handed, getting mistreated, rejection, losing, etc.

Gill the Thief is the youngest member of the Light Warriors, a legendary group of warriors that defend their medieval fantasy world from any evil that graces the land. Despite living in a long-near-forgotten timeline, the Light Warriors sometimes find themselves within the present-day, an environment unfamiliar to them. Gill is the investment type of the group, but is also greedy and immature. Being a thief, he tries to steal valuables and hit on girls, namely Lily. In battle, Gill is very swift and nimble, and even sneaky sometimes.


Gill was once a young troublemaking thief that stole in order to survive. His parents died when he was young and was left alone with only instinct to nimbly steal with great speed. One day, he met Luke, Paris, and Lily in the town of Yorksfir. They had the four legendary crystals and needed a fourth wielder to form the Light Warriors to return light to them and defeat the evil forces of the corrupted knight, Garland. Seeing it as a great oppertunity to prove himself and get some useful add-ons, Gill accepted the offer the crystals chose the warriors. Gill was chosen to wield the Wind Crystal. Gill and his new friends have since roamed through the land, to rid it of Garland's dark armies and restore light to the four crystals.


Gill, being the youngest of the Light Warriors, is very immature and has a greedy streak. It's mostly Lily and Paris that has to keep the young lad in check. However, Gill is still compassionate and will do anything to take the top spot as best thief in the world.




  • Gill is based off the Thief class from the original Final Fantasy game.
  • Gill's attire and arsenal of weapons are loosly based off of Peter Pan and Link from The Legend of Zelda.
  • Gill is the only member of the Light Warriors that doesn't wear any red.

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