A Group of mobians mutated by the power of chaos with abalities and powers not of this world. They lived in 5 different Clans: Vipera, Aquera, Pyera, Zephera and Demera. In the days of the Knuckles tribe, they flurished until the Chaos Event took place, wiping out the Knuckles Tribe and in the process spreading Negative Chaos Energy around the surrounding areas, filling the giests with more strength, and intelegance.....which also filled them with extreme evil. For years, they have been building interdimensional technology that in the end, sent them into a pocket world known as...the Giest Dimension. That is.....until they managed to create small gates to traverse though the Dimensions.



Regular Giest Mobians that have powers not suited for combat. Most are these consisist of Children, Mothers and as said before, Teens, Adults and Elders  with no powers or weak ablities. 


Giest Mobians with strength boosting or born with the super strength ability. These are mostly Adult Males or Teens.

Wizards and Scientists

Giest Mobians with Buffing (Status increasing) abilities. Buffers mainly like  Speed Boost, Power Boost, etc. are used on Brutes to help them in battle


As the name suggests, these are giest, elite giests with weapons and magic abalities.

Clan Leader

Warrior Ranked Giests but  with more wisdom and strengnth than usual. There are only 5 for each of the Giest Clans

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