Geneva the Cat
Geneva the Cat
Geneva is a time-based Maverick Hunter and Dr. Izzy Glow's Force Metal Generator.






Izzy Glow (creator)

Love Interests

Time Man


Friends, helping out, feeling useful, making new Force Metal, time-based Reploid friends, etc.


Feeling useless, being hunted down, people dying, evil, friends being hurt, worrying others, etc.

Geneva the Cat is a time-based Reploid developed by Dr. Izzy Glow and is also his Force Metal Generator, who currently serves as a Maverick Hunter in the Femme Fatale Squad. Geneva is very friendly and loves to help out in any way that she can, though she does have her shy side that sometimes gets in the way.



Geneva was created by Izzy Glow during his self-exile from society within the Eternal Forest in Giga City. During the war between the Rebellion Army and the Resistance, he was able to discover a way to develop Force Metal automatically and unleash their full potential. However, while developing his Force Metal Generator, he realized that both factions would try to ask for his cooperation (which they constantly did) and try using the Generator for war. Not wanting this to happen, he decided to seal it within a new Reploid he made, Geneva, who was made using a "perfect" template of Time Man. For the longest time, Geneva lived peacefully with her creator and "father", though mostly hiding to stay away from the warring factions.

Joining the Resistance

One day, Izzy Glow's former partner and now Rebellion scientist, Dr. Psyche, invaded Izzy Glow's lab, seeking the generator to be used to achieve their ideal. Meanwhile, the Resistance, led by I--and consisting of Iron Maxxima, Poker, Arcee, and Nutra Millipede--came to convince the doctor to join, with Marino wanting to steal it for her finding it valuable, and Vile wishing to use the generator for a much larger plot he had in store.

Geneva, meanwhile, was asked to stay within a secret storage room until the violence calmed down. She was then discovered by Marino, who Geneva still acted very friendly to, still naive to find her a potential friend. Knowing that Geneva really was the Force Metal Generator, Marino "kidnapped" her and prepared to make her getaway, passing by Vile and the Resistance, who were engaged in battle, with the former in hot pursuit.

I and her allies were given an okay by Izzy Glow to stop Vile and the Rebellion and keep Geneva safe, in exchange for the doctor possibly joining the Resistance. However, during the chase, Geneva and Marino grew exhausted and were eventually caught by the Rebellion. With Marino taken out by the Preon guards, Geneva was captured by Psyche and prepared to be escorted out before being stopped at the Sunset Bridge by I and co., now accompanied by Marino. After a hard-fought battle, Psyche was defeated and Geneva safe. Motivated by I's efforts, Geneva joined the gang to stop the Rebellion, which inspired Izzy Glow to join in a scientific capacity.

Facing the Rebellion

After joining up, Geneva had a hard time adjusting to her new warfare atmosphere, sometimes running away from battles, cowering behind debris, and detesting I attacking guards for no reason. She was also getting very scared of the fact Vile was constantly hunting her down for his own plans, paralyzing her in fear every time. During her first mission at the Ulfat Factory, the girls were attempting to rendevous with Commander Yammark, but were having extreme difficulty against Mach Jentra, who used the furnaces to his advantage and take them out, but Geneva used her time stop abilities to givethem the advantage, allowing I to finish him with Pressure Blaster. Unfortunatly, Jentra's demise caused Duboar to lose control and make Preon guards in rapid succession. Using her time stop abilities with the others, they managed to escape, but at a hefty cost for Geneva.

After regaining her strength, she gave the gang Force Metal she developed to use for the remainder of the mission. When the group arrived at the Gimialla Mines to find a Rebellion Army research facility, Geneva came across a young Met and was being friendly with it, but was forced to leave it when its parent attacked the group. The report of the lab, however, proved to be misinformation by Incentas to lure the group to its demise. Though he was defeated, he locked them in the room, with the facility rigged to blow. With thanks to Sari, they managed to escape, but Geneva--concerned with the Mets--scooped them up and led them to safety, though needed an assist by I during escape.

Though the group needed Cinnamon and Maddie to help recover themselves, the Rebellion jammed all communications coming in and out of the city, forcing them to have a quick recovery before stopping the jammer at the Vanallia Desert, which was considered a death trap for its treacherous quicksand. However, the group was able to infiltrate the facility after barely surviving the quicksand and Rebellion Cadre Ferham. Upon rescuing Maddie and Cinnamon, the latter of whom was being tortured by the treasonous Cadre Botos, the girls discovered a piece Supra-Force Metal, a high-powered version of Supra-Force Metal which grants the user incredible power, which was why the Rebellion needed Geneva in the first place.

Travelling to the Melda Ore Plant to find answer, Geneva was mesmorized by the beauty of the snowy weather, but was forced to focus on the mission after a bit. They soon discovered the Rebellion planned to use Supra-Force Metal to power up a missile they planned to fire to gather more Mavericks for their ideal. Geneva later neutrilized Botos, who tried using the Supra-Force Metal for his own purposes. During the final confrontations at teh Rebellion's Base, Geneva refused to hold back, even when using her powers, knowing the high stakes. Geneva also had a big hand in defeating Ring Man and Storm Owl.

Time as a Hunter

After the Rebellion Commander, Epsilon, quietly turned himself in and revealed the return of his brother, Sigma, the mission had been completed, but Geneva didn't want to say good-bye to her new friends and would not stop crying in spite of comforting from both Marino and I. However, the entire Rebellion War was all a manipulative ploy by Repliforce's Colonel Redips so he could gain the Supra-Force Metal. Now seeing no further use for the girls, he ordered their demise.

The Aerialbots guided them to the Far East HQ for a final confrontation with Redips. Along the way, Geneva did very well in helping take down Flash Man and Metal Man, though was easily dispatched by Air Man. Geneva also healed Blues' internal problem, which he did not wish to happen, though thanked her nonetheless. During the final battle, Geneva was proven to be no match for Redips in combat. Redips was still defeated by the gang, with a small assist from Geneva later on, and retreated to the Space Station Babel, with Geneva staring out in awe at the vastness of space. In the final battle against Great Redips, Geneva helped remove the Supra Force Metal fragments powering him, with an unexpected assist from Vile.

As a reward for assisting save the universe from Redips, Geneva, along with the rest of I's allies (with the exception of Arcee and Sari) were enlisted into the Maverick Hunters, in the new Femme Fatale Squad. Through her time as a hunter, Geneva would grow to have a friendly bond towards many of her comrades, as well as a crush on Time Man. Geneva would be a valued asset to I's squad, but would also spend her time more with Cut Man's Squad.

Geneva would be in the latter team during the attack on Sigma's North Pole base, where she was also scared of Vile from the time he wanted to kidnap and use her. During the attack, the group ran into Slash Man, who bested most of them. Geneva more than held her ground, but was also beaten and nearly killed until Time Man intervened and stopped him. A grateful Geneva thanked Time Man for this. After the attack ended, Vile apologized to her for trying to use her, and she forgave him.

Sigma Wars

Geneva was one of the survivors left in the destruction of the Maverick Hunters HQ, but was heavily damaged in the takeover. Izzy Glow was put into a deep coma, leaving Geneva distraught.


Geneva is a very sweet Reploid that is always willing to make friends with anyway, even a criminal and thief like Marino. She detests being thought of as useless and weak, and willing to prove people wrong in any way possible. However, she can also be quite timid and shy at times, and is afraid of massive evil that want to use her or any kind of people for dark purposes. However, inside Geneva is a burning passion to help out and battle Mavericks to the best of her abilities.

Abilities & Skills

Geneva, being the Force Metal Generator, is able to produce certain types of Force Metal and unleash the mineral's true potential, though she must have the recipes installed or remembered for her to do this. Being a time-based Reploid, Geneva can also control time, by slowing it down, speeding it up, or even stop it altogether. She can also do this with others when she's clinging to them, but the more she holds onto for longer periods, the more energy she wastes, which can have serious consequences if she isn't careful.

In addition to these abilities, Geneva also wields a Clock buster, where she can fire normal buster shots as well as clock hand projectiles, which also has a sort of lock-on feature. She also has some Clock Bombs at her disposal and even her clock-hand shaped saber for melee combat. Geneva can also heal some people, but she has rarely used this power, especially with Cinnamon around.




  • Geneva's role as the Force Metal Generator is extremely similar to Cinnamon's original role in Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Geneva is named after a watch manufacturing company, which explains her time powers and use of clock weapons, as well as the watch on her wrist.

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