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Genbu as it is called in Japanese culture is also known as Xuan Wu in Chinese culture which translates to mean roughly Black Turtle or Black Warrior. 


Genbu is God of the North, presiding over the winter season. It is also thought to be the incarnation of Water in the Five Elements of Feng Shui. In Chinese mythology, it is usually potrayed as a union of a black turtle and snake. Therefor it has a snakelike head but retains its turtle shape. He also has a large tree growing from inside of his shell that symboilized how he has wood properties.

Genbu is also to have said to weild a mace with the power of wood and water, and is said to have given life to the sea. As well as being considered the Overseer of Time. It is said that in another reality, he has created an entire Palace and City that watches over the universal timestream


Considered to be one of the four emblems of royalty in Mobius. Its shell represents the vault of the universe, with holy attributes for purposes of divination. The Turtle is a symbol of longevity and wisdom, associated with high ranking officials. This symbol of the Turtle is often found as a rank used on court girdles.


The Genbu is known for creating water and sealife for Mobius and is said to carry a Mace with Wood and Water properties. And for being a Turtle he isnt slow. Genbu being the oldest and 2nd In command of the 4 Gods, is not to be trifled with. .

Shell Mace

  • Genbu's Main Weapon
  • Able to break through almost any steel or stone
  • can summon water from wherever it hits by will
  • can ensnare anyone in vines.

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