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Gate the Hedgehog is currently being written by XxZekeKnightxX. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Gate the Hedgehog is a highly intelligent and respected Reploid scientist, even outside of societies based around science and engineering. He has had several inventions of his be trashed due to fear of the strength that they hold. However, Gate has also made personal Reploids and has even found old robots and reconstructed them.

Gate the Hedgehog
Gate the Hedgehog
Gate is an extremely brilliant Reploid scientist and inventor










Creating Reploids, seeing his creations operate


Defeat, his creations trashed


Gate, along with High Max, Zero , and Dynamo , was created by Kreon the Hedgehog, built in his image, as an assistant scientist in his endeavors. Unfortunately, this purpose was not realized, but instead Gate was put in stasis to be a guardian for Zero and Dynamo. When released later by Tails, Gate was immediately shoehorned into Helperoid service; however, Gate showed much more potential than to be just a normal Helperoid, and Gate then began work on what he did best, and quickly rose in social status. Later, he stumbled upon strange robotic organisms that to him were obviously created similarly to how Reploids were created, and reconstructed as many as he could into Mobian form.


Gate is half of a perfectionist on his own work, and on his finished works, he is extremely prideful of them. When others view his creations to be too dangerous or too powerful, Gate likes to dismiss comments such as these as "nonsense".


Gate has an extreme affinity for machinery and technology, being able to both create effecient and powerful Reploids and reconstruct older robots into state-of-the-art standards.




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