G×: G-Cross is a reworking of G4E Ultimate All Stars: Hundred Years Tag Battle and is a 1-on-1/2-on-2 fighter. The game will feature characters from a wide variety of G4E works.


After a group of people disappear after being mysteriously sucked into the internet, several others take a look into the situation and end up getting stuck inside themselves, in which they are streamed in a replicated world known as the G× and forced to fight each other for the viewers all over the world's amusement or else they will be trapped inside forever.


  1. Jenny Watson - Space Wars
  2. JT - Legacy -Battlers
  3. Mumei Jiga - Project Tanoshimi
  4. Takeshi Koizumi - Timeleapt
  5. Gareth - Gareth's Journey
  6. Darell Wylde - Physicality
  7. Choi Yeo - Timeleapt
  8. Hikari Kuchiki - Chillsona
  9. Fujiwara Kusanagi - Project Tanoshimi Update!


  1. Space Station #4 - Original
  2. Construction Site - Original
  3. Super Kyosuke Brothers - Project Tanoshimi

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