Flash Man
Flash Man
Flash Man is an ambiguously-gay Robot Master and one of the Eight Sons of Wily




Mouse-like Reploid (formerly humanoid Robot Master)

Love Interests

Don't Ask, seriously


Cameras, love stories, appealing Reploids, virgins, other things you do not wanna know about


Ads for wigs, those with very long hair, being bald, being "caught in the act", being called a freak, etc.

Flash Man is an ambiguosly gay Robot Master created by Dr. Wily, who was remodelled into a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog. He is one of the "Eight Sons of Wily", and the creepiest one of the group. He greatly envies Zero for his incredibly long hair and admires some of the Maverick Hunters and members of Repliforce for their good looks, and uses his time-stopping powers to fulfill his own "secret desires" with them.


During his second attempt to conquer the world and destroy Mega Man, Dr. Wily created eight powerful Robot Masters of his own. One of these new robots was Flash Man, made to be a finished version of Time Man. Flash Man gathered fascination of human anatomy and laws of physics as he felt some sort of connection to Mega Man. However, he and his brothers were ultimately defeated and Dr. Wily's plans foiled.

After this, Flash Man continued to use his own dangerous powers for his own twisted ambitions until he was no longer deemed useful and sealed away in a warehouse along with the other Robot Masters. This place was unintentionally discovered by Gate, who was amazed at what he was seeing. Impressed and eager to try out this new technology, he took all of the Robot Masters, along with other technology made by Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack, and remodelled them to fir his own time and place.

When he awoke, Flash Man and his brothers were surprised at what happened to them and where they ended up, but were also very pleased. With the new enhancements and free wills, they formed the "Eight Sons of Wily" and have caused lots of mayhem for Mobius, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, and more specifically, the Maverick Hunter X, who they originally mistake as their enemy Mega Man.


Flash Man is a very disturbing and creepy one, to say the least. He has actions and ambitions that best describe his ambiguously gay demeanor. Because he is bald, he becomes extrmely envious of those with very long hair, most notably Zero.

Powers and Abilities

Flash Man's signature weapon is the Time Stopper, a perfected and upgraded version of Time Man's Time Slower ability. Rather than slowing down time, Flash Man is able to stop it completely. To his opponents, it seems that he is teleporting or moving at high speeds. However, he can only keep it stopped during a limited amount of time due to the laws of time & space being planted into his brain cells. Flash Man normally uses this for his own purposes of entertainment.

Apart from his time stopping powers, Flash Man also wields a large arm cannon that acts like a mini machine gun. He mostly uses this on defenseless opponents as a way to finish them off completely.

Like all Robot Masters, Flash Man can't be totally killed. Even if he's defeated or destroyed in battle, it is possible to repair him, so long as one has the necessary parts and equiptment.






  • Flash Man's gay persona is based on the common urban legend among that fanbase, which is often supported in vocal remixes of his theme song, that Flash Man has a gay love for Mega Man.
  • The reason Flash Man hates wig commercials and is jealous of Zero, Iris, and Colonel's exceptionally long hair is because he is bald.
  • Flash Man likes using cameras because he is able to get a full and perfect shot, thanks to his time-stopping abilities.

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