Flame Stag
Flame Stag
Flame Stag is a powerful and feisty Reploid Cagefighting Champion and Maverick Hunter





Love Interests



Fighting, a good fight, worthy rivals, close-combat based battles, feeling fulfilled, honor to a certain extent, etc.


Peace, non-combat injuries & setbacks, dishonor, bronies, weaklings, pointless regulations, emptiness, etc.

Flame Stag is an extremely powerful Reploid that once served with the Maverick Hunters, but has gone missing since the events of Sigma's Insurrection. He is a reigning champion in an underground Reploid Cage fighting circuit and is nearly undefeated. Though a master with pyrokinetic combat, he prefers using close-quarters combat, finding it more honorable and easier to adapt with.


During the early stages of the Maverick Wars, Flame Stag joined up as a Maverick Hunter, as member of the Magma Squad. He performed exceptionally well and became one of the top Hunters, along with his close friends, Boomer Kuwanger and Gravity Beetle. Despite all the accolades he received, Stag still felt unfulfilled. Outside of Commander Sigma's jurisdiction and knowledge, he began to join an underground Cagefighting circuit. It was here that he began to find a home. With his incredible might and physical dominance, Flame Stag quickly emerged on top, as a reigning champion.

When the first Maverick rebellion began, Sigma tried to appeal to Flame Stag to join his movement. Stag refused, feeling that either as a Maverick or a Hunter, his place was not with his now-corrupted Commander. After this small event, Flame Stag mysteriously disappeared and has been missing ever since. While many sources claim him to be destroyed, some naysayers within the army and Maverick Hunters assume that Flame Stag simply returned full-time to his life in the cage, as reigning champion.


Flame Stag live only for the fight. He has dedicated his entire existance to being the most powerful and strongest Reploid of them all. He enjoys the thrill of competition and fighting otehrs, which was his inspiration of being a cagefighter in the first place. Stag has shown to have a small sense of honor and prefers to do most things on his own. He detests weak opponents and is always searching for more worthy and stronger reploids to fight against.

Abilities & Skills

Flame Stag's signature weapon is the Speed Burner. With it, he is able to dash at high speeds in a fiery flame and severly hurt enemies. He can also shoot fireballs and perform other fire-based attacks, mostly used in hand-to-hand combat. Stag has shown to have great athletisism and flexibility, using these assets to his advantage in battle. He is weak to water-based abilities.



Original Counterpart



  • Though Flame Stag was originally a deer, Gurahk misinterpreted his species as a breed of horse, hence the species change to this Flame Stag.

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