Flame Prower
Flame Prower
Flame is the smart and technical son of Tails and Blaze.




Cat-fox hybrid


Some fire powers, good close-combat skills, an awesome mechanic and computer programmer.

Love Interests

Muffy the Hedgehog


Helping friends, being with friends, geeky tech stuff, fixing things, doing the right thing, etc.


Royal treatment, bullies, family being frowned upon, messing up, being put down, being called a nerd, etc.

Flame Prower is an intermediate but incredible mechanic and technician, and son of Miles "Tails" Prower and Blaze the Cat. Although he is technically a prince, he prefers to be seen as a normal person and not as any regular prince, feeling he isn't ready to embrace his royal bloodline. Since Ivy's departure from Mobius, Flame has been his family's main mechanical genius.


Flame was born to be Tails and Blaze's son after Tails became drunk of depression and mistook Blaze as his deceased lover, Cosmo. The next morning, when he realized what he had done with Blaze, he was even more horrified, and nearly cost him his friendship with Blaze's husband, Sonic. Tails now felt even more guilty and depressed and nearly commited suicide before he was stopped by Karen.

After the misunderstanding was cleared up, Sonic and Tails made up and Flame was born. Growing up, Flame decided on his own to stay with his father instead of staying to live as a prince, feeling he wasn't ready to take up such a big responsibility. Growing up, he--much like his sister, Ivy--grew loving machines and fixing them up. He also grew a love of computer and tech stuff, doing his own thing with both aspects. Flame also showed good combat skills in his fire powers and martial arts.

After Ivy departed to join Star Wolf, Flame was the only technical genius left on the planet and in the family. When his father started production of the Mobian-Reploid race, Flame helped in tweaking their systems in their mass-production and making some of the designs of the more notable Reploids, like Sigma and Epsilon. When the Maverick Wars broke out, Flame found himself helping the Maverick Hunters from time to time, showing courage in saving civilians and combating some of the bigger Mavericks. His acts of courage and charisma won him a place as an Honorary Hunter.

Flame would feel lonely, however, and feel like he would need a girl in his life to clear the void. He and Surge would go out trying to find the perfect girls for them, but each time were shot down, either by the girls having little interest in them or by another boy, mostly Shorr-Ken, snatching them up. Before long, the two met Flame's sister, Natty, and Surge's cousin, Muffy. Flame fell instantly in love with the latter and before long, they began hitting it off.


Flame, similar to his father, is a great tech wizard and genius. He enjoys tinkering with objects and machinery, as well as fixing anything that seems broken or needs to be fixed. Flame is an otherwise relaxed individual and enjoys spending time with family, and his girlfriend Muffy. He has also ended up being the most mature of his siblings, and the one that's been able to keep the family together.





  • Flame's creation came about due to in fact there not being a mechanic on Mobius or enough sons for Tails in Gurahk's main canon

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