Flame Hyenard
Flame Hyenard
Flame Hyenard is a dangerous and mentally-unstable Maverick Hunter.





Love Interests



Destroying things, burning, destruction, his new comrades, hot stuff, etc.


Pain, suffering, cowards, limitations, being called stupid, water, elaborate planning, etc.

Flame Hyenard is a mentally-unstable individual, with severe damage to his brain capacator and internal systems damage due to a freak accident years ago. He is a former member of Red Alert, but has since joined the Maverick Hunters as part of the Redemption Squad. Though the damages and pains have been soothed, his mind is damaged nearly beyond repair.


Flame Hyenard was a simple Reploid when he was caught within a Maverick attack. Some deadly toxins went into his systems, egenerating dangerous fire elemntal powers within him. His mind was completely scrambled up and internal systems severely damaged. He was found too dangerous to work with and no one would bother to help him when he felt on the brink of stasis or going crazy.

Seeing potential use of his power, Red drafted him into his group of bounty hunetrs, known as Red Alert. Within it, Hyenard's damaged worsened, but it was a perfect opportunity to take his frustrations and pains on otehrs, for a good price. After an anonymous source showed Red the beneficials of utilizing Axl's Copy Data, Hyenard and the other members started using it to their advantage. During the conflict with the Maverick Hunters, Hyenard encountered Repliforce commander, Magma Dragoon. The battle was short as a paranoid Hyenard charged forward and Dragoon simply used a Hadoken to blow him into two halves. Feeling remourse for his actions--and the previous Sky Lagoon incidents--Dragoon spared him and took him to Hunter headquarters so he could be repaired.

Soon after, Hyenard's damages were all fixed, but his mind was still not in the right place as it should be. Feeling gratitude and pity on the Hunters, Hyenard joined the Maverick Hunters with fellow Red Alert alumnus, Axl, albiet in two different squadrons.


Flame Hyenard is best described as crazy and never in his right mind. He has a tendency to attack mercilessly and often aimlessly at targets that sometimes aren't even there. His pains are often blamed on others and his paranoia can often get himinto big trouble, physically. He had become corrupt when he joined Red Alert but isn't in the right set of mind to notice or even complain. However, Hyenard still recognizes who his friends and allies are and can show some compassion and sanity in the most unexpected of times.

Abilities & Skills

Flame Hyenard's signature weapon is the Circle Blaze. He is able to throw fire balls at his ooponents and even charge at them with great speed, as well as do other fire-elemental powers and abilities. He is also shown to be able to make dublicates of himself to attack his adversaries, for confusion. Hyenard also can be quite psychotic and get carried away with his powers and the heat of battle. Hyenard is extremely weak to water-based abilities.



Original Counterpart



  • Though Flame Hyenard was created by Gurahk, he is sometimes controlled by ZekeKnight.
  • Flame Hyenard is one of the few Maverick Hunters that can create dublicates of himself.

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