Flaaisy Thunderlily
Flaaisy Thunderlily
Flaaisy Thunderlily is a Reploid based off of Flaaffy





Love Interests

Volt Catfish


Fabrics, shopping, trending fashions, counting sheep, making a difference, etc.


Being underground, old trends, canines, feeling weak, etc.

Flaaisy Thunderlily is one of the many soldiers created by Repliforce through Mission Maximal, based on the mystical Pocket Monster (Pokemon) creatures. In Thunderlily's case, she is based and cloned from the sheep-like Monster, Flaaffy. She's a rather gentle and playful young gal, that enjoys the finer things in life like shopping and fashionable appeal. Thunderlily normally likes having fabrics near her so she can recharge her energy better and faster.


Sigma Wars

Flaaisy Thunderlily was created and cloned from a Flaaffy that Reisa rescued during her job as heading Mission Maximal. Because Repliforce didn't want to unveil too many new warriors in the event the Maverick Army sent more spies into their ranks, Thunderlily was not released immediately. She would be stored in a pod for many months until she was released along with Twirless Tahlia and Pyron Goten. They worked together with Sakura Megarin, Zakashi Zeninja, Double, and Sari in a mission to stop the Mavericks' supply route. The mission was a success for them, but during the conflict, she had an unusual encounter with Volt Catfish, who she instantly fell in love with.


Flaaisy Thunderlily is a relatively sweet Reploid, with a personality rare in Repliforce. She enjoys wildlife and shopping, as well as some of the other fine things in life. She normally doesn't think too much about war, as she feels the war would end quicker if she doesn't think about it so much. Thunderlily normally spends her time talking with female Maximals, and recharging herself with the fabrics she purchases and wears.

Abilities and Powers


Flaaffy, the basis of Flaaisy Thunderlily

Being based off Flaaffy, Flaaisy Thunderlily is well-versed and skilled in the Electric type powers and battle. Her powers can increase when near water, as it is conductive, but she normally doesn't like getting wet and messing her fabrics. Thunderlily's highest stat is her Special Attack range, and she is below-average in most other parts. She also has a special ability, Static, where she will cause telepathic paralysis to those that cause significant physical damage to her. Some of her notable powers include: Confuse Ray, Electroball, Volt Switch, Power Gem, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Charge, Signal Beam, Light Screen, Brick Break, Charge Beam, Spark, Electric Terrain, Wild Charge, and Cotton Guard. Thunderlily is resistant to Flying, Steel, and Electric based abilities, but is weak against Earth based powers.




  • If Thunderlily is unable to access fabrics to recharge herself, she will normally remove her jacket and use it to recharge.
  • Flaaisy Thunderlily was chosen as a Flaaffy instead of it's evolved form, Ampharos, because Gurahk wanted to have more appeal to certain Maximals.

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