NOTE: This is a collaborated fangame. This fangame does not rely solely on one person, but instead two people working together.

This game is a crossover game of the series of Eternal's Games and SS3K's Legacy -BATTLERS 2 game. The game will consist of Legacy Battlers' characters and Fists of Rage's characters. It will have Legacy Battlers' control set. Each side of characters will have 60 characters. 20 default characters, 30 unlockable characters, and 10 downloadable content characters.


The system works somewhat 2 on 2, it uses the 4 button system of Legacy -Battlers, the 2 on 2 syste is fought by using two fighter on each team, a player and a striker, the player is the character who will fight the opponent, and the striker is the character who can be called in to assist the other player, before each match, there is an order select in which you can choose who the striker and player will be for every match, in this screen, you may also set up your characters, giving them upgrades. There are also Striker-only characters that can be unlocked through special means.


Legacy Battlers:

  • James Avalone.
  • JT the Androhog.
  • Joseph the Wolf.
  • Brittney the Bat.
  • Honoo Pyrofox.
  • Dwayne the Catmeleon.
  • Jimmy Canvas.
  • Tammy Watercolor.
  • Flint the Weasel.
  • Makoto the Dog.
  • Apallo Jr. the Hedgehog.
  • Gavers the Hedgehog.


Striker Exclusive

Fists of Rage:

  • Ecruos the Porcupine.
  • Eternal the "Awesome."
  • Zero the Porcupine.
  • Karana the Cat. 
  • Esu the Wolf.
  • Delta the Corrupted.
  • Aether the Wolf.
  • Hikari the Fenrir.
  • Johnny the Fox.
  • Brooke the Short-tailed Cat.
  • Fusion the Hedgehog-Fox-Echidna Hybrid.
  • Z-Rock the Hedgehog-Dragon Hybrid.


Striker Exclusive

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