NOTE: This is a fangame made by EternalGaming.Co.© (Yes, I got that copyrighted, you fagts) This game is a fangame made by Eternal. It is a game series that I am now doing, alongside SS3K's Games. The game will consist mostly of my characters, but probably will have several other characters that belong to others.


  • Ecruos the Porcupine.
  • Eternal the "Awesome."
  • Zero the Porcupine.
  • Karana the Cat. 
  • Flare the Hedgehog.
  • Ice the Arctic Hedgehog.
  • Lightning the Chargestone Hedgehog.
  • Sento-ki the Porcupine.
  • Karana the Cat.
  • Lars the Wolf.
  • Esu the Wolf.
  • Delta the Corrupted.
  • Aether the Wolf.
  • Hikari the Fenrir.
  • Johnny the Fox.
  • Brooke the Short-tailed Cat.
  • Fusion the Hedgehog-Echidna-Fox Hybrid.
  • Z-Rock the Hedgehog-Dragon Hybrid.
  • Apallo Senior (The Hedgehog)

Unlockable Characters:

  • Aqua the Merhog.
  • Venus the Seedrian-Hedgehog Hybrid.
  • Blitz the Kitsune.
  • Nero the Hedgehog.
  • Deimos the Wolf.
  • Asylum the Wolf.
  • Tsukiumi the Cat.
  • Uzume the Kitsune.
  • Kazehana the Wolf-Seedrian Hybrid.
  • Musubi the Bakenko.
  • Hikari and Hibiki the Ferrets.
  • Matsu the Bat.
  • Yomi the Reaper.
  • Kagura the Cat.
  • Yomi the Cat.
  • [Insert your unlockable Characters here.]

Downloadable Content Characters:

  • Rock the Hedgehog.

Description: The Blue Bomber has come to the Mobian dimension to handle some business with good friend, and friendly rival, Sonic the Hedgehog! However, it seems he's come to the wrong part of Mobius, and is now a mobian, like his brother, and his arch-rival! Enjoy the Blue Bomber playable for only 99¢!

Megaman, Rockman © Capcom. Rock the Hedgehog © SEGA/Capcom.

  • Blues the Porcupine.

Description: The rebellious one has followed Rock, and is now looking for a fight in the Mobian dimension! But he, along with his brother, has become a mobian, which has enhanced his speed and power! Play as the Rebellious one and Purchase him for $1.99!

Blues, Protoman © Capcom. Blues the Porcupine © SEGA/Capcom.

  • Bass the Porcupine.

Description: Bass has come to the Mobian dimension, looking for rival, Shadow, by orders of Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman, but instead comes across Blues and Rock in the same dimension! But he has, just as Blues and Rock, turned into a Mobian! Purchase Bass for only 99¢!

Bass © Capcom. Bass the Porcupine © SEGA/Capcom.

  • Heroes Pack:

Description: The Blue Blur, The Red Herring, and the Brains of the Operation have become avaliable in this game! Knuckles, the Power type, Sonic, the Speed type, and Tails, the Aerial type, have all become playable! Buy the Heroic 3 for $4.99! 

Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails the Fox. © SEGA.

  • Anti-Heroes Pack:

Description: The Ultimate Lifeform, the Queen of Jewels, and the Robot, Omega E-123  have become available  in this game! Shadow, the Speed type, Rouge, the Aerial type, and E-123 Omega, the power type have become playable! Buy the badasses of the Sonic Series for $4.99!

Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega. © SEGA.

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